Vegas Eats: Craftsteak at MGM Grand, Las Vegas Review

"Top Chef's" top chef, Tom Colicchio delivers an exquisitely delicious yet simple menu

Posted by Miss Monkay

Craftsteak MGM Grand Review - Salmon

The salmon was roasted and served very simply, skin side up. While it was tasty, flakey and pretty, I found it to be a wee overdone. That, however, was due more to how it was ordered it than anything else. Chuck doesn't do any rareness in his food and the chef obliged his 'well done' request, so thumbs up for making sure the customer got what they wanted! It was still juicy and delicious.

Craftsteak MGM Grand Review - Sweetcorn

Moving on to the veg and tater was not hard either. We spooned up some of each on to our plates and found that while the corn seemed to be really, really salted, we did not find it to be too salty, strangely. I attributed it to the sweetness of the fresh corn. Chuck reminisces about the juicy popcorn-esque flavor of the sweet corn nearly every day since we've been to Craftsteak. He loved it.

Craftsteak MGM Grand Review - Potato Puree

The potato puree was just a gorgeous gloopy starch. It was indeed a puree and not a modified mash. The potato did not hold any form at all and had pools of butter sitting on the top. (Methinks I have found the secret to Colicchio's vision and thy name is butter, my love, my joy, my most favorite thing in the pantry.) Jason prompted us to mix the corn and potato for ultimate taste and he was correct. It warmed the heart and belly with all the love it had packed in there.

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I love the Craft steak, and with 146 single malt scotches, fer a drunkard like me it's heaven. When we went in July, the Wine Steward (possible a Somellier) hooked me up a with a "special" scotch flight for $85, and each scotch he chose for me was worth more than that. Service, food, and great atmosphere, Craftsteak has it all (and lots and lots and lots of butter)

You guys need to try Charlie Palmer's . DEEeeeLICIOUS!!

i love the craft steak house, very intimate and very very good it was very expensive but you pay for what you get. I would go back I loved it. now that i live here in las vegas i would reccomend it in a heart beat.

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