Vegas Eats: Craftsteak at MGM Grand, Las Vegas Review

"Top Chef's" top chef, Tom Colicchio delivers an exquisitely delicious yet simple menu

Posted by Miss Monkay

In the end, Jason was the one that choose our main menu for us. He steered us in the direction of the Diver Scallops (for me) and the Wild King Salmon (for Chuck). For our sides, Jason raved about the seasonal sweet white corn and said that it paired it nicely with the potato puree. For a starter, Chuck and I settled on a Caesar salad to get some greens in our tummies.

Craftsteak MGM Grand Review - Caesar Salad

The Caesar salad arrived and was fine, not mind-blowing, but very good nonetheless. The lettuce was crisp and fresh, the dressing not over powering and was just enough to not soak the leaves. Very nice.

Once the main courses and the sides started arriving we began to see Colicchio's vision for this joint. I recall reading once that the point was to have individual items on the menu and the customer builds up their meal, and the point was made. The protein arrived on small plates as did the sides. Actually, all but the salmon arrived in some mini copper pan that they could have easily been prepared in. Even if they were just for show, we thought it was very pretty. Everything was served with minimal garnish, leaving a very clean look. What that said to me was 'It's all about the food', and I can dig on that ideology.

Craftsteak MGM Grand Review - Scallops

The scallops were bathing in a pool of wonderful butter, just sitting there all cute-like splashing around and making sure to absorb as much as possible. Now, the main problem I had was with the scallops. How in the world could someone actually serve something so delectable? It was almost obscene. Those tender morsels were seared on both sides and maintained the tenderness to which they own their livelihood. My fork cut through them with ease and when placed in my mouth, they exploded with a buttery goodness. Oh yeah, winner, winner chicken dinner! The scallops were ON.

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I love the Craft steak, and with 146 single malt scotches, fer a drunkard like me it's heaven. When we went in July, the Wine Steward (possible a Somellier) hooked me up a with a "special" scotch flight for $85, and each scotch he chose for me was worth more than that. Service, food, and great atmosphere, Craftsteak has it all (and lots and lots and lots of butter)

You guys need to try Charlie Palmer's . DEEeeeLICIOUS!!

i love the craft steak house, very intimate and very very good it was very expensive but you pay for what you get. I would go back I loved it. now that i live here in las vegas i would reccomend it in a heart beat.

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