The Mirage : The VegasTripping Review 2007

Hotel Rooms Bypassed During Mirage's Recent Revamp

Posted by Chuckmonster

Mirage Las Vegas Hotel Review Armoire

The Entertainment Center

Alas... the piece de resistance - the armoire TV minibar thingy! This whole style of entertainment center has been dropped in nearly every hotel room redesign in the last few years. The Mirage's version of the entertainment center does not have sliding doors to hide the TV set, so they've got at least one foot out of the past, but other than that... these gigantic coffins of entertainment are an energy and space void in every hotel room. There really is no reason in this day and age for these things to exist. Simply mouting a flat panel tv, throw a dresser in the corner and put the minibar in a small cabinet (with a stereo?) and you're set. This room is circa 2002, before the Cathode Ray TV's extinction was on anybody's radar so we can't fault the designers here.

Housekeeping and quality control are not off the hook. The mini bar instructions placard, glued to the armoire, was cracked in half... the errant piece laying flat nearby. Two mystery gifts arrived before us... an opened but un-tasted bottle of diet coke and a 1/2 full bottle of Fiji water. Oh and the remote control didn't work either. Housekeeping brought us a new one when we called down. Oddly enough none of the buttons on the remote control matched anything on the TV. If you hit "MENU" you got channel 13. If you hit "Guest Services" you got static. There was no way to access express checkout and I didn't get to watch the endless loop of the "Mirage Resort Channel" as I love to do when I first get into my room. Other than that the TV had basic cable and all the channels looked fine and worked.

Mirage Las Vegas Hotel Review Minibar

The MiniBar

I've grown a real fascination with the mini-bar since the weight sensor technology arrived a few years ago. For those who are unaware, all the items in the mini-bar are placed on weight sensors. If you pick them up to read the label you get charged. If you put it back, you still get charged. If you take it after putting it back, you get charged again. If you put some of your stuff in the mini-bar - medicine, a beer can, leftovers, whatever... the sensors will go haywire and you will be charged for a bunch of stuff. The moral of the story is don't use the mini-bar unless you're drunk enough to not care how much it might cost you.

The Mirage Mini-bar offered a decent assortment of snacks, drinks and booze plus the ability to buy a Kodak disposable camera ($19). Check out the image above for all the mini-bar stuff and their prices. Note: all prices were rounded up to the nearest dollar.

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Comments & Discussion

Nice report. Love the AC/DC background music to the video.

gotta love the fear and loathing reference!

Don't forget that the channels were pen marked in the room binder, so clearly the line up had changed long enough ago for a guest to note them for future guests.

Bon Scott, RIP. The Mirage lost its luster when Steve W. sold out to Kerkorian. And don't even get me started on Danny Gans.

I had been a huge fan of The Mirage and have stayed there three or four times over the years. It was my favorite Vegas hotel, by far. You're actually incorrect (although not by much) about the rooms being dated and in need of updating.

Up until a few years ago, the rooms at The Mirage were much nicer and more lushly decorated. The Mirage always felt very comfortable and upscale to me. The room pictures you show are actually "upgraded" from the previous state. However, the designers have bad taste and the effect is that they are now much worse than before. I'm looking at my own pictures from previous trips and the bedding, the bed frame, the lamp, the chairs, the carpet, and the tv armoire all used to be much nicer.

The commenter above is correct. The new owners of The Mirage just don't get it. The Mirage had tropical theme, which was subtle and tasteful for Las Vegas, and it was built to portray that theme. The shutters behind the bed used to evoke the feeling of window shutters in a Caribbean resort, but now they have been repainted and look out of place. The new owners don't like themes and they're slowly making all of their hotels the same and more boring.

Everything used to fit together, the theme, Siegfried and Roy, the tigers, the pool, the secret garden, the rooms, the restaurants, the bars, the check in desk (you mentioned the covered fish tanks) and the casino. The Mirage had a lot of little features that all worked together to create a great resort.

Now it's all messed up. And it's not going to be "fixed" until the people currently "fixing" it fail and hit bottom. My fantasy is that at this point Steve Wynn will buy the property back and restore it to its previous glory. I give it 10 years.

And don't even get me started on the destruction of Treasure Island. I actually get angry when I see what they've done to that place. What idiots.

Thanks for pointing out all the changes Kody. I guess we can assume that the 2002 "upgrade" was actually a "downgrade" in terms of taste, but that isn't unexpected. MGMMirage has historically been more about acquisitions than development, hence the big deal they are making about CityCenter.

I doubt very much Steve Wynn will buy back the Mirage, and TI - thats just a plain frankenstein mess right now.

I think the mini bars in the rooms at Harrah's have a better selection or items. I think mini bars are for the lazy or completely staggering drunk. You can get some of the same stuff out of the vending machines for a few dollars less (still a rip off though).

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