The Mirage : The VegasTripping Review 2007

Hotel Rooms Bypassed During Mirage's Recent Revamp

Posted by Chuckmonster

Mirage Las Vegas Review Tub

The Tub

The tub/shower combo is also a standard affair, nothing fancy although the curtain rod was curved to keep the plastic shower curtain away from your body while you're in the rub-a-dub. Nice touch... not as nice as having a larger bathroom with a large shower and separate tub, but helpful nonetheless. The water pressure and temperature was excellent and all of the mechanisms worked as expected. There was no "boobie washer" as we have seen at The Venetian Venezia Suites or Flamingo Go Rooms recently. Pretty much a standard tub/shower situation.

Mirage Las Vegas Hotel Review Vanity

The Vanity

Outside of the bathroom door was a simple dedicated vanity complete with a make up light for the ladies or metrosexual men.

The plug nearby is quite handy for hair dryers, curling irons or recharging phones and laptops.

We used this area mostly as a quick storage area for phones, keys, wallets, purses, snacks and other loose items that we dumped out of our pockets immediately upon returning to the room.

The Venezia Suites have a great little shelf right by the door that exists specifically for this function. Possibly one of the best features of that room.

There were no 'vanity amenities' a la cotton balls, q-tips, toothpaste etc that other upscale resorts provide. This isn't mentioned as a detractor, just to illustrate what you get at other resorts in a slightly higher price range - convenience.

Mirage Las Vegas Hotel Review Closetsafe

The Closet Safe

Adjacent to the vanity is a small storage closet that holds the standard hotel room safe, dry cleaning bag, coat hangars, luggage rack, extra pillow and other bits and pieces. Just like your refrigerator at home, the light automatically goes on when you open the door.

I'm happy to confirm that there is no "little guy in there" who turns on the light when you open the door. In fact the closet/light mechanism is magic!

The Nightstand

The bedroom area of the Mirage Deluxe room features a king bed flanked by a night stand to stage left and a writing tablet to stage right. The night stand held a dorky old digital clock, an ancient style hotel phone plus a little note about how Mirage is trying to protect the environment by not having to wash linens every day. The lamp had a dimmer built into it and the lampshade was cockeyed.

Mirage Las Vegas Hotel Review Nightstand

The phone system worked quite well. Unlike THEhotel, Mirage has a concierge who helped us procure reservations at Craftsteak at MGM Grand and patch us into "Wet" the Spa at Treasure Island since Mirage's spa is currently closed for renovations. All folks on the end of the line were super helpful and courteous. Overall... the service in general at Mirage was top notch.

Obvously, this digital clock is vintage 2002. Its bulbous and ugly and made me think "what interior decorator thought this clock was a good idea?" I'm curious if other rooms have the same clocks and whether or not the Mirage has a stock pile of these bad boys just in case they break. I'll bet that the days for these dorky clocks are numbered.

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Comments & Discussion

Nice report. Love the AC/DC background music to the video.

gotta love the fear and loathing reference!

Don't forget that the channels were pen marked in the room binder, so clearly the line up had changed long enough ago for a guest to note them for future guests.

Bon Scott, RIP. The Mirage lost its luster when Steve W. sold out to Kerkorian. And don't even get me started on Danny Gans.

I had been a huge fan of The Mirage and have stayed there three or four times over the years. It was my favorite Vegas hotel, by far. You're actually incorrect (although not by much) about the rooms being dated and in need of updating.

Up until a few years ago, the rooms at The Mirage were much nicer and more lushly decorated. The Mirage always felt very comfortable and upscale to me. The room pictures you show are actually "upgraded" from the previous state. However, the designers have bad taste and the effect is that they are now much worse than before. I'm looking at my own pictures from previous trips and the bedding, the bed frame, the lamp, the chairs, the carpet, and the tv armoire all used to be much nicer.

The commenter above is correct. The new owners of The Mirage just don't get it. The Mirage had tropical theme, which was subtle and tasteful for Las Vegas, and it was built to portray that theme. The shutters behind the bed used to evoke the feeling of window shutters in a Caribbean resort, but now they have been repainted and look out of place. The new owners don't like themes and they're slowly making all of their hotels the same and more boring.

Everything used to fit together, the theme, Siegfried and Roy, the tigers, the pool, the secret garden, the rooms, the restaurants, the bars, the check in desk (you mentioned the covered fish tanks) and the casino. The Mirage had a lot of little features that all worked together to create a great resort.

Now it's all messed up. And it's not going to be "fixed" until the people currently "fixing" it fail and hit bottom. My fantasy is that at this point Steve Wynn will buy the property back and restore it to its previous glory. I give it 10 years.

And don't even get me started on the destruction of Treasure Island. I actually get angry when I see what they've done to that place. What idiots.

Thanks for pointing out all the changes Kody. I guess we can assume that the 2002 "upgrade" was actually a "downgrade" in terms of taste, but that isn't unexpected. MGMMirage has historically been more about acquisitions than development, hence the big deal they are making about CityCenter.

I doubt very much Steve Wynn will buy back the Mirage, and TI - thats just a plain frankenstein mess right now.

I think the mini bars in the rooms at Harrah's have a better selection or items. I think mini bars are for the lazy or completely staggering drunk. You can get some of the same stuff out of the vending machines for a few dollars less (still a rip off though).

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