The Mirage : The VegasTripping Review 2007

Hotel Rooms Bypassed During Mirage's Recent Revamp

Posted by Chuckmonster

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Las Vegas changed forever after Steve Wynn opened The Mirage in November 1989. Gone were the days of the $2.99 steaks and cheapo floor shows to be replaced by four star dining, blockbuster shows, family attractions and anything else that could generate profit. In the years that followed, themed family resorts with similar business models replaced the older resorts. As the skyline of Las Vegas added a number of new shapes, the quality of offerings increased and so did the price. Between the mid-1970's and the opening of Mirage in 1989 no new resorts were built on the Las Vegas Strip. Suddenly, much like today, construction cranes were everywhere.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and The Mirage is now one of the middle-tier resorts skimming along with periodic upgrades that hope to keep it from slipping into the ether or - best case scenario - to propel it back to its 1990's glory years. The Mirage still has retained its cache as a luxury resort, mostly due to its history and partly due to the continual upgrades to Mirage's public areas and entertainment offerings. In the last two years Mirage has completely redone most of its restaurants, upgraded it's entertainment (except Danny Gans) redesigned public areas and hammered out some of the dents and dings that two decades of use have made apparent. The last major upgrade of the rooms at the Mirage were completed in 2002. Do all of these upgrades carry enough weight to vault the Mirage back into the highest echelon of Las Vegas resorts? Probably not, but they certainly will keep the resort competitive for years to come.

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I visit the Mirage nearly every trip to Las Vegas, more in recent years to keep tabs on the upgrades, but I last stayed in a Mirage hotel room in 1994, when the resort was only 5 years old. The rooms back then were fantastic and the excitement on the property was unparalleled. It's a damn shame that it took a "Summer of Love" casino comp offer to spark a reunion with the Mirage, but if it takes blowing a bunch of dough at Bellagio to shoot cupid's arrow, who am I to complain. Booking though a casino host was just too easy... one call, no hold music, 4 minutes and done. The host promised a great room on a high floor overlooking the strip - blowing smoke up my ass never felt so good. :)

We arrived at the Mirage at 3pm after a quick burn through Barstow, Baker and Berdoo, valet parked the car at the front entrance and walked up to the 'invited guests' check in desk. Miss Monkay noticed that the monstrous aquarium behind the check in desk is covered by black drapes - I hope they don't remove the aquarium, it's the greatest thing to stare at when you're super-smashed at 3am. Back to the business at hand, the desk clerk shuffled around our room after noticing that the casino host botched our smoking preferences. She set us up with a room on the 12th floor facing the pool. I've had strip facing rooms tons of times and never tire of it, the consolation prize is we get a view into Caesars Palace's Rain Man suite by using the telephoto on the digital camera. Interesting tid-bit: there is an abandoned blackjack table sitting quietly on a balcony that overlooks the Caesars Palace loading dock.

Walking through the casino to get to your room is tired. Nothing sucks more than lugging a bag or two through high traffic areas after driving for four hours. Note to self: give bags to the bell hop next time we stay at the Mirage. The inside of the Mirage's casino has undergone a major facelift. New restaurants have sprung up around the freshly weeded atrium - 1/2 the jungle has been removed and sunlight pours into the casino now. The addition of the Revolution Lounge, the new high limit areas and some funky art work stuff on the ceilings have changed the vibes of the casino floor dramatically - its still a little dungeony and loud in there for my tastes but it's much more comfortable than it was even a year ago. I had minor luck at the slot machines in the beginning, but overall they just gobbled up money and didn't play nice.

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Comments & Discussion

Nice report. Love the AC/DC background music to the video.

gotta love the fear and loathing reference!

Don't forget that the channels were pen marked in the room binder, so clearly the line up had changed long enough ago for a guest to note them for future guests.

Bon Scott, RIP. The Mirage lost its luster when Steve W. sold out to Kerkorian. And don't even get me started on Danny Gans.

I had been a huge fan of The Mirage and have stayed there three or four times over the years. It was my favorite Vegas hotel, by far. You're actually incorrect (although not by much) about the rooms being dated and in need of updating.

Up until a few years ago, the rooms at The Mirage were much nicer and more lushly decorated. The Mirage always felt very comfortable and upscale to me. The room pictures you show are actually "upgraded" from the previous state. However, the designers have bad taste and the effect is that they are now much worse than before. I'm looking at my own pictures from previous trips and the bedding, the bed frame, the lamp, the chairs, the carpet, and the tv armoire all used to be much nicer.

The commenter above is correct. The new owners of The Mirage just don't get it. The Mirage had tropical theme, which was subtle and tasteful for Las Vegas, and it was built to portray that theme. The shutters behind the bed used to evoke the feeling of window shutters in a Caribbean resort, but now they have been repainted and look out of place. The new owners don't like themes and they're slowly making all of their hotels the same and more boring.

Everything used to fit together, the theme, Siegfried and Roy, the tigers, the pool, the secret garden, the rooms, the restaurants, the bars, the check in desk (you mentioned the covered fish tanks) and the casino. The Mirage had a lot of little features that all worked together to create a great resort.

Now it's all messed up. And it's not going to be "fixed" until the people currently "fixing" it fail and hit bottom. My fantasy is that at this point Steve Wynn will buy the property back and restore it to its previous glory. I give it 10 years.

And don't even get me started on the destruction of Treasure Island. I actually get angry when I see what they've done to that place. What idiots.

Thanks for pointing out all the changes Kody. I guess we can assume that the 2002 "upgrade" was actually a "downgrade" in terms of taste, but that isn't unexpected. MGMMirage has historically been more about acquisitions than development, hence the big deal they are making about CityCenter.

I doubt very much Steve Wynn will buy back the Mirage, and TI - thats just a plain frankenstein mess right now.

I think the mini bars in the rooms at Harrah's have a better selection or items. I think mini bars are for the lazy or completely staggering drunk. You can get some of the same stuff out of the vending machines for a few dollars less (still a rip off though).

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