Planet Hollywood - The VegasTripping Review 2007

The Grinders take the "new" P-Ho for a Test Drive

Posted by Richie Raviolis


The casino has been revamped with a slick black and red color scheme. Black felt, red chairs, nice lighting. The ph website states that the casino has "almost 2 acres of gaming that include all your favorite slots and tables, plus a huge poker room." It never got too crowed, and I found it quite comfortable... until I started putting money down. I really wanted to like it here, but the slots proved to be pretty tight, and my luck at the roulette wheel was nothing but bad. Miss Melody did no better.

Planet Hollywood Casino Review - HexbreakerNear the casino exit to the strip is a small lounge with comfortable seating and flat screen televisions showing what looked like E! network. Hollywood celebs getting out of cars smiling and waving to fans as flashbulbs go off. While this may have been cool 15 years ago, seeing these images only made me think of standing in line at the supermarket staring at all of those tabloid rags. But I was staying at Planet Hollywood, after all.

The other side of the casino features a sports bar. A huge wall of televisions played the game of the day. As a sports fan, I would have liked it better if they featured all, or many, of the day's games and sports instead of showing just one game at a time. The NBA and NHL playoffs were in full swing at the time, plus some great baseball games, too.

The mall, once called the Desert Passage, is now The Miracle Mile. But once again, the decor is still very much the Dessert Passage. The exterior renovations are currently on the way, and according to a Miracle Mile press release, the interior renovations are slated to begin in stages throughout 2007 and 2008.

The Miracle Mile website states that the mall has "170 specialty stores", and "15 tantalizing restaurants". If you stay at ph, or are passing by, the mall does provide you with many quick and cheap eating options.

We stopped for a bite at a fast food place called Tacone for a couple of veggie wraps. Tacone also features blended fruity alcoholic beverages to go, like the Moonshine, a mixture of rum and fruit, which can be perfect on a hot day. We also had an informal sit-down meal at Cheeseburger Las Vegas, (We ate at the original location on Maui a few years ago). You can get a big, delicious veggie burger, great fries, and Mai tais. Oh, yeah!

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Comments & Discussion

What the fuck's up with that pool?

What, you guys in Jersey at the community pool? What exit?

I think it'll be a decent place when all's said and done. The buffet is good, the rooms are alright but often overpriced, and they're getting Alfredo's and Earl of Sandwich which are two places I'm fond of when I'm at the Mouse Trap in Florida (instead of the Roach Trap in Nevada.)

There's still a lot of work to be done though. I was pleasantly surprised with some things and disappointed with others (entrance still sucks.) It seems like the things they changed the most were the things that least needed any fixing.

This is regaurds to the bashing of Planet Hollywood Casino.
I can't stand people who only have negitive things to say. The old saying fits here. "If you don't have anthing nice to say, Don' say anything"
We stay and have stayed at Planet Hollywood for the last five years and have always been treaded VERY well. I should add we stay there twice a year.
My other comments are:
(1) How much time do you spend in the room?
Our rooms have always been clean and very comfortable.
(2) What do you go to the pool for?
I go to lay in the SUN and swim, not lay in the shade.
(3) Everyone who goes to Las Vegas knows that Planet Hollywood in under construction and if you want to stay there you should expect some discomfort.
(4) As for the Monster by the elevators, All they had to say was "NO".

Also the Grand opening is not until Sept. So why would anyone expect the place to be perfect????

I don't really see this review as a "bashing" of Planet Hollywood, but instead an honest recall of Mr. & Mrs. Grinders telling of their experience at Planet Hollywood in May 2007. They were invited to visit the "new" P-Ho, and booked based on that marketing message, what they got was a hotel that is literally under construction - they had no idea that the construction would, in fact be falling into their fruity drinks while lounging at the pool.

We stand by The Grinders' review of the P-Ho as honest and accurate - forgiving even. The conclusion on the final page pretty much sums it up in a level headed positive tone.

Besides what Chuckmonster has already said about the PH review, I would like to respond to each of jclabree's comments. (I am the writer of the review, by the way).
1. I don't think we said anything bad about the room. We say that the room is big, yet regular and average, not bad in any way.

2. As a reviewer it is our job to give an honest take on the ambiance and comfort of our stay, and for the pool area, that is exactly what we did. If you compare the PH pool with most other pools I've seen on the strip, the PH pool's ambiance, and therefore, the overall comfort of the pool area is poor. Yes, I was disappointed, and it is our job to let other people know what the pool area is like so they are not disappointed, as well. We let the reader decide what they want from a pool and decide from there. And remember, we did ask PH what they planned to do to the pool area. They told us they didn't plan to do much of anything. So the PH pool may be fine for you, but maybe not for everyone. Put it this way, I wish we could have read an honest description of the pool before I went.

3. As Chuckmonster said, we got an invitation for the "new Planet Hollywood". Besides, we were very forgiving of all the construction, (we didn't even mention some of the early morning banging in the rooms next to us) . But we had big flakes of stuff falling into our drinks and into the pool. That is not being negative, it is not our opinion, it is just the facts.

4. We mentioned the "monsters" by the elevators, (and near EVERY entrance and EVERY exit), because we wanted people to be ready for what we felt was a real bother. Our point was that we did say YES the very first time, but that didn't stop us from being harassed for the rest of our stay every time we walked through the lobby, or the casino, or the mall... etc. They would practically grab us by the arm and lead us to the counter for "some great comps". We'd say, "we've done it already! We've done this already!"

Again, our conclusion states: "Planet Hollywood is in a good location, and as grinders we would say that even the old rooms aren't bad for the price. The bathrooms are big and nice, and the beds are comfy. I'm sure the new rooms will look a bit better". And earlier in the review we say the rooms look clean. Yes, we found a butt on the bathroom counter, and again... that is a fact. But we even spun that into a positive service statement by mentioning how good they were about switching our room right away.

We had a good time at Planet Hollywood.

I have always enjoied staying at the new Aladdin and have stayed there several times. I loved the arabian nights decor and the fact that you didn't have that long walk through the casino from the desk in order to get to your room. The Spice Market Buffett was always great and I always did OK on the slots. Yes, the pool area was nothing to write home about but the resort rooms I always booked were large, nice and had a good view of the strip. The bathrooms were huge and well layed out.

This past January I took a trip out to Vegas with a friend, staying at the Riviera for the first time. This was a winter getaway from his job and I was asked to go because his son and daugher-in-law couldn't get away. I stopped in to the new Planet Hollywood and just about cried! The decore was just plain "Blah" and I couldn't even enter through the front of the casino. I had to walk through the Dessert Passage in order to get inside. I'm glad to hear that the casino will have some neon lights and some type of decore to it, but if there is a weak point at all to this property, it is the pool area. Not much they can do with waterfalls, etc., but they can at least dress up the pool decks and facade with something exciting. By the time I hit Las Vegas again most of the work should be done and I hope I'm not dissapointed like I was this past January. I also expect that the costs of renovations will be high enough so that the slots will not pay out much in order to help cover the costs!

I think your review was quite balanced. You said many positive things about the property and only pointed out errors others would have shouted about.

I would have been horrified to find Bette Midler staring at me over the tub. No way. Would never happen. Heaven help me when she starts appearing regularly at Caesars next year.

I was hoping this place would have its public areas completed by now. This is taking too long.

The timeshare people should be regulated. No question. They are worse than the porn slappers on the sidewalk because the timeshare people are native speakers and think they are better at overcoming objections. I can, and do, say "No" to them, but this becomes tiring after saying it all the time. They are going to cause some people to avoid a trip entirely because the idea of going to Vegas is to escape reality, not to be followed around and pitched at every doorway.

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