Tony Soprano : Vegas Tripper

Tony Rides The Peyote Snake Through The Desert and Gets It

Posted by Chuckmonster

Cut to Tony and Sonya wandering through the lobby at Caesars Palace... glowing in obvious psychedelic wonderment. Their steps are slow, they absorb the calamity and confusion of the casino, stopping at a Pompeii Penny Slot Machine and staring at it questioningly - what is this thing? Anyone whose ever done Vegas on psychedelics can identify with the first encounter of 'gambling' while in mid-stream of a trip.

Tony and Sonya head over to a roulette table where Tony's luck has been on the outs for some time now. He's run up huge gambling debts, welched on repaying his confidante and advisor Hesh, and gone down the road of problem gambling.

Together they stare blankly at the spinning roulette wheel. "It's the same principle as the solar system" Tony slurrs to a cooing and wasted Sonya. Tony drops a $25 chip on 24. It hits. He redistributes his stack onto a bunch of numbers... most on 21 - which hits. The dealer pushes out a bigger stack of money to Tony who tokes the dealer (forgot the first one buddy!) and proceeds to put another large stack of greenies on 24 - which hits again.

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fully. vegas looks real pretty in the sopranos. i think it looks pretty good in real life minus the construction too, but i thought the episode did a decent job. for some of us there really is a convalescent, cathartic, searching, euphoric, epiphanic sorta gait to a vegas trip. at least that once, i think...

I thought he said "I DID it" and was confessing to killing Christopher :B

I'll miss Tony and the gang on Sopranos!

Speaking of Vegas shows....anyone catch Sin City Diaries? It's a new addiction of mine....

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