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Posted by Spyder and donnymac66

Oh what being tired, hung over and hungry will do to ya.

After dropping off the car at Dream Car Rentals we decided to tour the north end of the strip as it had been about 10 years since we were last in the "classic" casinos of the 1970's. Our first stop The Riveria Hotel and Casino. There is very little that has changed at the Riv in 10 years.

Spyder and I were rather hungover on our last day in Vegas and hangover usually leads to hunger. Wandering around the Riv looking for food was an adventure. Understand that on this trip we had eaten at Trevi, Mesa Grill, Mon Ami Gabi and Delmonico so we were looking for food that would live up to this standard. The lure of free beer took us by the buffet but it was closed. The thought of a $0.99 hot dog at the food court was quickly vanquished by a sign for a Vegas classic, Kady's Coffee Shop.

The Decor

It reminded us of an old Zellers store (Similar to K-mart or the big K in the States) The basic yellow, white and red tiled walls were almost scary when yer stomach was as rotten as Spyder's was. But maybe people found it soothing. Multi-coloured pleather booths just added to it all. A counter with red pleather stools with cigarette burns in the seats and the table tops just added to it all. The view of the Riveria cement pond was enough to make you lose your lunch, not really the Hard Rock pool crowd if ya know what we mean.

The Customers

They were a mix of conventioneers and blue hairs. The table right beside us had an older man, his wife and we are guessing her sisters. All he wanted to do was eat, drink his beer and drag his black sock and brown sandal wearin' ass back to the $2 blackjack table, and the ladies just wanted to go to Circus-Circus to shop and play penny slots.

Riviera Hotel Casino Kadys Coffee Shop Review

The Food

donnymac66 - I had a classic turkey bacon melt on sourdough. It was a nice sando with real turkey, a couple of slices of bacon and jack cheese. It was served with a zesty dill pickle spear and a mountain of fries. All and all a decent sammich.

Spyder - My BLT.... while I was looking for a quick nice light snack full of a little grease to kill the nasty hangover (apparently 25 or so Jack Daniels is bad for yer mellon). Really who doesn't like a little bacon, especially when you are in the oldest of old skool diners in Vegas. I just kept thinking "bacon, bacon, bacon, bacon".... and when my sandwich arrived I thought the server had brought me the wrong thing. There had to be a whole pound of bacon in this sandwich, it looked like a Rueben or a Pastrami on rye. I could barely get my mouth around it, and trust me I gots a big mouth! So while I did finally get a bite of the sandwich I instantly felt my arteries clog. After eating half the sandwich and staring at the other while munching on the fries, I decided to dive in. And let me tell ya, when I did finish my sandwich off, I swore of bacon for a while (I lasted about a week).

The Service

Our waitress was kind of a mix of Edie McClurg (Grace, the secretary from Ferris Bueller's Day Off) and Madeline Kahn. She was the sweetest person in all of Vegas. She was fast, friendly and efficient, Spyder gives her 2 big greasy thumbs up. We also bet when you get that woman around a Craps table she goes actually batshit crazy, yelling and screaming, betting more money than you can imagine.


$23.65 including a $9.00 tip.


Really you couldn't do any better for hangover food. The place is a classic and probably hasn't changed the menu or décor since Sinatra ate there. SW Steakhouse had better watch it's back - this place is putting them out of business!!!

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Thanks Chcuck for the posting and the links to the Zellers website. VT rocks!!

all I gotta say is... I still luv the bacon, you can't go wrong, really, you can't!!

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