Venezia Luxury Suite at The Venetian - The VegasTripping Review 2007

Over the desert and down the strip to Grandmother's House We Go

Posted by Chuckmonster

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When I think about the Venetian Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, the first things that comes to mind are gondola rides, sky painted ceilings, opera and the smell of chlorine.

The next wave of thoughts are a bit less sensory and more emotional: The Sands - A Place In the Sun. Ol' Blue Eyes, ol' Red Eyes and ol' Brown Eye... Frank, Dean, Sammy and their Sands-based travails with the rest of the Rat Pack. It doesn't take much for me to bust into a near word-for-word recitation of the entire "Rat Pack Live At The Sands" recording. By entire, I mean the songs, the schtick, the whole shebang. Don't get me started, please.

The final thought I have is the last time I visited the Sands before they blew the place up. I recall standing in my room at The Mirage, staring endlessly at The Sands' pulsing neon sign that alternately advertised "Frankie Valli - Live In Concert" and a $7.77 twin lobster tail special. Being a huge fan of the seafood, I had to head over there and score this lucky lobster special. What a mistake. The service? Bad. The vibe? Creepy. The food? Borderline gross. What they were calling 'lobster' tail was nothing more than an overcooked jumbo shrimp. Whenever I hear people talking about how they pine for the 'old Vegas,' I think about those tough, rubbery blobster tails. No thanks.

The closing and implosion of the Sands was a momentous occasion in Las Vegas. The era of old Vegas had officially ended, replaced by a theme wonderland where one could stroll through Paris and New York City in the same afternoon. Its these times wherein the Venetian, the $1.5 billion dollar mega-resort that opened in 1999, was born. The Venezia Tower - constructed over the top of a pre-existing parking garage - opened in 2003. A future addition to The Venetian complex, The Palazzo is currently racing towards completion on the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Sands Avenue.

We booked our Venetian reservation through online travel broker Travelocity. We had no intentions of staying at the Venetian, but the Travelocity rate for Venezia Luxury Suite - about $200/night - was too good of a deal to pass up. The same room booked through (if the website wasn't a broken mess for us Mac users - tsk tsk tsk) is normally $700 bucks for a weekend night. We arrived at the Venetian around 9pm, check in was a breeze and the desk staff was friendly but somewhat clinical in their interaction.

Venezia Tower Hallway Carpeting

After completing all the standard registration tasks, the desk attendant gave us directions to the room: down the hall, around the corner, onto an elevator, around a corner, onto another elevator, down a hall, turn left then down another hall. What was that again? Down the hall, get on the elevator, make a right down the hall, get on another elevator, go down the hall, make a left and go down another hallway. Wha wha WHAT? Two elevators, three hallways, two vestibules, two lobbies and one security check to get to our room. I guess this is what happens when you build a tower on top of a parking garage.

Note: there is a video walkthrough of the Venezia Luxury Suite on the last page of this review

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Re: The blintzes - they gave you too much. 5 were more than I could handle - even for a pig like me.

looks like it was a serving to be shared with you and two other paid "friends" you find in your bed the next morning. What I'm trying to say is it looks like a big damn pile of blintzes.

Checked out of " The Ve-new-sian" after one nite 3 years ago after being told I'd have to pay for all three nites anyway. I got to the g.m of the hotel and he called The Mirage for a room for me. (I had lots of problems besides hating the room-like a 2 hour check-in as an invited guest-shouldn't have tipped the new receptionist that $20 to up grade-it unnerved her and she got caught trying to upgrade me-another story) Stay at The Wynn for that kinda money. I just finished a long 8 day b-day stay in the salon suite-wow. But damn those Venusians-their new tower being built now shadows the sun off the Wynn pool probaly 1 hour or so sooner than we're ready to finish our fun in the sun. How is Wynn going to retaliate? Maybe buy his own golden sun for the rest of our sunning day? Stay away from The Venian, New York/ New york is always better if you have to make a better than lateral move.

Well, it's obvious this is a hotel for conventioneers and businesspeople, not as much trippers or romantic getaways despite the stodgy decorations.

Steve W is a lot like Steve J when it comes to the Reality Distortion Machine, and I do think you may have bought into it just a teensy bit. Turkish towels, alright, but I'll be damned if I could feel a difference. Maybe it's a personal thing because no matter where I stay I never feel as comfortable about the towels as I do with my regular ones back home.

@minvegas -

My reality distortion machine is between my ears. For those who don't know - Steve J minvegas is referring to is Apple CEO Steve Jobs. VT has proven again and again that we are more than willing, even eager, to call bullshit on anyone - Steve Wynn included. VT was founded on the premise that we don't buy corporate marketing b.s. and call em as we see em. For the dough - the Venetian Venezia Luxury Suite isn't that great.

Regarding the specifics of towels - we "obtained" one towel each from Wynn and Venetian and did a touch and comparison test while writing this story (true). Wynn's towels are much better quality and more comfortable to the touch, hands down (pun intended).

ironically i stayed at the venetian when i was a crony of steve j, for an NAB convention back in the day (2002 i think). it was much nicer then, though pretty much identical to the suites now, only bigger. and cleaner. i think the clean/new thing has a lot to do with the experience. a bunch of us stayed recently for a bachelor party (apparently right next to where chuckmonster and missmonkay stayed). we had no problems with the place, for the rates we got. outside of a little poker though, we spent much of the time at wynn.
i had my doubts too about the wynn and the steve w reality distorion field, but i think that place really delivers, and could see where praise is coming from. it's all the nice things i liked about bellaggio, but slightly more well thought out (the shoe shine with a dedicated entrance instead of the bathroom entrance) and really brimming with little touches... parasol down is a fantastic bar (brilliant whisky selection- thank you!!), the curved escalators to get there are a nice touch, the dealers really are friendly, and the atmosphere/vibe of the place in general is right on. can't speak for the rooms, cause i haven't stayed, but the rest of it was pretty spot on.
i think the collective steve w/j reality distortion is nothing in the face of their very clear and present attention to details.

this is the worst review I have ever read!! Are you sure you stayed in the Venezia tower?? I guess you just don't get it. I have stayed at Wynn(uglyiest mess of a luxury hotel I've ever seen) and Bellagio(very nice)...but dollar for dollar, Venezia is the best deal in town. I guess I should expect this from someone who thinks it's complicated to get to your Venezia room. VERY OFFENDED!!!

@david1 it should be noted that many of the rooms at the Venetian (including Venezia) have undergone renovations since this review was posted so your experiences may very well have been different. We still stand by this review of the Venezia tower circa 2007.

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