Vegas Eats: Gallagher's Steakhouse at New York-New York

I'm just mad about beef

Posted by Miss Monkay

Every so often the urge for BEEF overtakes me. If this urge is not satisfied then I become very grumpy. So when a friend began to talk of this steakhouse at New York-New York Casino that had it's aging beef on display, visible from the casino floor, I began to drool. Thus began my mad beef quest, dragging Chuckmonster on another one of my wild-cow chases.


On a Saturday night at 7:00 pm we were told the earliest we could book a table was 9:00 pm. We returned 2 hours later and were seated 30 minutes after that, placing us in our chairs at a cramped table in the rear at 9:30.


A nice, chewy sourdough, cold with butter.


Chuckmonster had a ritual tasting of the Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail while I tried the Spinach Salad with a warm bacon dressing. The spinach was fresh and cold, providing a nice backdrop for the tangy, salty bacon dressing, which was indeed warm. The shrimp cocktail was cold, snappy, crispy and crunchy - delicious. The cocktail sauce was horseradelicious!

Main Course:

I had the restaurant specialty - Dry Aged New York Sirloin, which had been on display for 2 weeks in the front window (in the proper facility, of course.) While Chuck opted for the Fresh Maine Lobster. I am a filet mignon girl myself but after some convincing from VegasTripper Cherrioh, I decided to try flavor over texture and went with the sirloin. It was served with a flower of roasted garlic and some parsnip chips. Admittedly, the flavor was there but the meat had an almost tacky quality to it, creating a sticky surface on my teeth for a split second. Maybe I am a princess and the pea kinda of girl (it is true that I cannot have any creases in my sheets), but it bugged me. I need steak to melt in my mouth. It was good, yes, but texture is king with me.

Chuck's Maine Lobster arrived broiled whole and was shelled table-side by our server Refugio, saving Chuck all the work. Delicious, served with drawn butter and a dressed-for-the-occassion lemon. The meat melted in his mouth but the pre-shelling of the beast allowed it to get a little cold before he could get to it. Chuck drooled so much he couldn't keep the camera still. [ Apologies about the mega-lousy photo - Chuckmonster ]


Asparagus, with Hollandaise and Beer-Battered Onion Rings. Asparagus were perfect, the hollandaise, creamy but the rings were nothing special.


Chuck and I played a game and involved our most excellent waiter, Refugio. I looked at the dessert menu, made a selection. Charles attempted to guess what I ordered. I photographed my choice to document it and then Charles told Refugio what he thought I selected. We then showed the photo to Refugio who declared Charles a winner.

Refugio then declared the next challenge for Chuck: guess the total of the bill! Chuck was only off by five bucks - Refugio was impressed!


The service overall, including our waiter Refugio, was impeccable, attentive and only slowed down when we were enjoying our post-dinner coffee, which allowed us to digest and chit-chat until we were ready to leave. Refugio was a great sport - playing along with our guessing-the-total game.

What :

Gallagher's Steakhouse

Where :

New York-New York Hotel & Casino

Chef :

Not noted


The dry aging room is on display so you can visit your steak 2 weeks before it is served. Enticing and kinda gross at the same time.


About $165


Not bad at all, but not sure we would make another special trek to the south end of the strip just for this joint, but it was an absolutely satisfying and enjoyable experience.

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Comments & Discussion

Color me surprised. Everything I've heard about this place insists that it's too noisy, too busy, too active to really feel like a sophisticated sit-down dinner. And from what I've seen of it, I tend to agree.

Yeah, it's noisy, yes it's busy, yes it's active... but this is New York baby, par for the course!

I agree with chuckmonster, after living in NY for a few years, I can tell you that is a NY atmosphere for an upscale restaurant. I love it. It is alive. I dont like eating in a morgue!! Gallagher's is a decent steakhouse. It is not SW and it is not Delmonico. But if you are staying at NY NY, Luxor or anywhere in the vicinity it is a very good steakhouse. You will definitely feel you are having dinner in a NY restaurant.

Absolutely agree w/chieifmahoney. For the best steak only, only the steak at SW is the best!

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