The Grinders Report: Harrah's New Orleans

New Orleans With Less Money and Less Meat

Posted by Richie Raviolis

This, of course, is not meant to be a complete list of French Quarter eateries. We just wanted to mention a few cool places with vegetarian options because we know how hard it can be to find vegetarian in the deep south.

After eating I was ready to play some roulette, and it looked as though they had opened up a few more tables, just in time. Miss Melody went off to play a Frog Prince video slot, (because she had given up on the Hexbreaker and had little money left), while I bellied up solo to a roulette table nearby.

The minimum bet was $15, and I used my last $40 to get $1 chips. I was alone at the table, just me and Mike, the dealer. I placed $1 on 15 numbers, straight up. Mike started the spin. I talked to the wheel. "Come on.. hit it". I repeated this several times as the ball skipped and hopped about, finally coming to rest in the number 5.

Hey... I bet the number 5! Nice! Mike slid thirty-five dollars in chips my way.

I continued with the same strategy, $1 bet on 15 numbers. And after five rolls I had won four of them, winning $35 bucks each time. I was hot.

Suddenly my cell phone began to vibrate in my pocket. What? Who could be calling me now?? I discretely check my phone to see that it's Miss Melody calling. I know she's just over there, past the next group of slots, but I can't see her.

Mike is waiting for my next bet.

I repeat my bet, $1 on 15 numbers, and I win again! I continue win, hitting on a majority of the next several spins.

My phone vibrates again. Damn, I can't see her! Why is she calling? I can't quite leave now, I'm really hot.

The phone vibrates again. I look over and see a Harrah's employee moving toward where Miss Melody should be. Is she okay?

I look at Mike and he says under his breath, "you've more than doubled your money", basically telling me it's okay to quit now. "Yeah", I say, "my girlfriend's calling, why don't you color me out."

I don't count my winnings as I make my way over to Miss Melody, but it seems as though I've done quite well. But what is going on with Miss Melody and the Frog Prince game? I mean, it's a five cent slot, for christ sakes!

When I see her sitting in front of the Frog Prince with a cheshire cat grin and two Harrah's employees standing around her I know it's good news.

"What happened?" I ask.

"I just won $312 on Frog Prince!" The Harrah's employees were there because they saw her frantically dialing her cell phone over and over, worried she was in distress... or up to something.

To win, Miss Melody had accidently hit "max bet" and spun the highest bonus, (something about kissing frogs or princes and magic wands...?), thus winning the top dollar prize of $300. This, with my roulette winnings, had more than made up for our earlier loses.

With the extra money we decided to approach the Total Rewards V.I.P. desk and ask for a deal on a room. We were told that there were no rooms at the Harrah's hotel, but they could fix us up in a nice hotel in the French Quarter for just $65, which was a far better deal than we could have gotten on our own, (good to know). But in the end, as true grinders, we decided to save our money by going back to crash at our new friend, Wade Welch's pad.

Thanks, Wade.

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