The Grinders Report: Harrah's New Orleans

New Orleans With Less Money and Less Meat

Posted by Richie Raviolis

Well, now that we had a place to crash, do we still go to Harrah's? That was when the truth came out. Harrah's wasn't a "backup plan", as we had been thinking all that week. It was, if fact, a priority. Who were we trying to fool, anyway?

We hopped in our rental car, (which was backup-sleeping-arrangement option number three), and headed downtown to Harrah's. The casino has a parking garage where you can park for free, validated with an hour's worth of gaming. No problem.

The new Harrah's facility features nine restaurants and food outlets, 115,000 square feet of gaming, and 450 oversized rooms and suites. The gaming area is centered around a big open club/bar in the center called Masquerade, which has live music almost constantly on it's two stages. The big stage had a band playing upbeat covers, while the smaller stage, located around the backside of the main bar, featured a small jazz trio. If you're Grinders like us, you make do with the free casino drinks while gaming. But I'm always on the look out for "happy hour" drink specials, like $2 gray goose martinis at the Masquerade bar.

There were plenty of slots and video slots to choose from, like Hex Breaker video slot... (Miss Melody's favorite), but they all seemed pretty tight at first. I lost my $100 gambling purse in no time, and Melody lost just as much playing five cent HexBreaker!

If you're not already a Total Rewards member, it pays to sign up. By signing up, I was entered into a raffle, with a winner selected every fifteen minutes, (didn't win), and got a free King Cake.

What I really wanted was to play roulette, but the three tables that were open were full to capacity. I was still fussing around with a Haywire slot when a New Orleans second-line band paraded into the casino from the Mardi Gras festivities just outside on Canal street. All the casino employees at the buffet dropped what they were doing and gathered around the band to clap and dance. I got caught up in the moment and starting hitting the "spin" button in time with the back beat. And what do you know... I starting winning!

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