Encore at Wynn Las Vegas : Preview & Construction Photos

Wynn Las Vegas Phase II Rises On The Las Vegas Strip

Posted by Chuckmonster

Side View from New Frontier

From this view you can really see how closely the Encore tower will sit to the cross streets. Wynn Las Vegas' tower was purposefully set back from the strip, but not nearly as much as Wynn did with Bellagio (which is in my opinion its biggest flaw). This close set location makes Encore quite inviting, even though there isn't much, if any, foot traffic on this side of the street - yet.

Judging from the photos and the 'secret plans' the VT posse is extremely excited for the opening of Encore in Early 2009. Wynn Resorts has appropriately marketed Encore as being just that - a brief additional performance added onto a magnum opus by request of the audience. We will venture to guess that this Encore isn't nearly so humble, but another out of this world resort designed and built by the maestro who had defined the Las Vegas resort experience for the last 30 years.

Mark your calendars, 2009 will be here before you know it.

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Your version of my crappy drawing is very good - funny that your interpretation of my drawing is more like what I remember about the plans than my drawing itself is. Heh.

From what I know, the plans for the public spaces have changed slightly but all of the fundamentals are the same. We're talking about them changing the sizes of certain areas and also changes to the finishes, which I'm not privy to anyway.

And the beautiful thing about the opening of encore is that it will coincide with the end of the reign of King George.It may be a true renaissance of America as well.

three cheers to that minibee.

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