Encore at Wynn Las Vegas : Preview & Construction Photos

Wynn Las Vegas Phase II Rises On The Las Vegas Strip

Posted by Chuckmonster

Parking Garage, Restaurant & Pool

To the far left is the Encore self parking garage. The posts to the right of it seem to outline the 'dining component' outlined in the secret plans. I'm curious how far back the pool will be placed. The large yellow wall is quite unsightly, so either the pool will be pushed forward or the wall will be disguised or hidden.

Parking Garage, East End of Tower

The parking garage is currently at 7 levels, the parking lot will most likely spill into the ground floor of the Encore tower where the retail stores are to be located.

Encore Tower Panoramic

At the time of this photo 18 of Encore's 60 floors had been completed, within days of this photo being taken the first pieces of brown glass were attached to the outside of the shell. It's amazing how quickly this building is being erected.

Side View

Side view of Encore looking back from Las Vegas Boulevard. From this view it looks like high stakes poker joint in Los Angeles - The Commerce Casino - slightly.

Note the Encore script and the chef peering over the fence. The enclosure surrounding Encore has many such paste ups, a family, some guy with golf clubs etc.. Apparently everybody wants to see inside, that's why Wynn Las Vegas security chased me on their golf cart.

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Comments & Discussion

Your version of my crappy drawing is very good - funny that your interpretation of my drawing is more like what I remember about the plans than my drawing itself is. Heh.

From what I know, the plans for the public spaces have changed slightly but all of the fundamentals are the same. We're talking about them changing the sizes of certain areas and also changes to the finishes, which I'm not privy to anyway.

And the beautiful thing about the opening of encore is that it will coincide with the end of the reign of King George.It may be a true renaissance of America as well.

three cheers to that minibee.

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