Encore at Wynn Las Vegas : Preview & Construction Photos

Wynn Las Vegas Phase II Rises On The Las Vegas Strip

Posted by Chuckmonster

The photos below were taken from the yellow "photo viewpoint" on the existing Wynn self parking garage. Fortunately I escaped from golf cart security before they got a chance to confiscate my camera. The color coding on the photo is in accordance with differences in Encore's foundation - we didn't invent this. The garden area looks quite huge in comparison to the casino floor plan.

Mystery Area

Hunter's map has this area marked as a walkway with a "feature" at the intersection (probably where the large crane-dozer is). The foundation for the building noticeably stops, which would lead one to believe that the walkway from Encore to Wynn Las Vegas might be semi-outdoor.

Pool, Restaurants & Feature

Panning further to the east, the small ditch to the right in this photo may possibly be the beginnings of a pool. The smaller ditch to the bottom looks like some kind of drainage system. Could this be part of the 'feature'? Who knows.

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Comments & Discussion

Your version of my crappy drawing is very good - funny that your interpretation of my drawing is more like what I remember about the plans than my drawing itself is. Heh.

From what I know, the plans for the public spaces have changed slightly but all of the fundamentals are the same. We're talking about them changing the sizes of certain areas and also changes to the finishes, which I'm not privy to anyway.

And the beautiful thing about the opening of encore is that it will coincide with the end of the reign of King George.It may be a true renaissance of America as well.

three cheers to that minibee.

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