Encore at Wynn Las Vegas : Preview & Construction Photos

Wynn Las Vegas Phase II Rises On The Las Vegas Strip

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The Two Towers

Groundbreaking for the Encore project commenced with much fanfare on April 28, 2006, Elaine Wynn's birthday and the one year anniversary of Wynn Las Vegas' opening. Encore is expected to cost $2.1 billion dollars to construct - although this number has been revised numerous times due to the skyrocketing costs of construction in Las Vegas. Approximately 18 floors of the Encore tower have been completed as of this writing and exterior glass has begun to be installed on some of the lower floors. Encore's tower will boast 60 floors containing 2,034 rooms, compared to Wynn Las Vegas' 2,716 rooms. The top floors of Encore will feature special multi-floored suites connected by spiral stair cases - ritzy.

Lay of the Land

The above floor plan schematic is based on our construction photos and a hand drawn map replication of the secret plans posted at Two Way Hard Three (scroll down to the comments to find Hunter's hand-drawn version).

Encore's 'big room' will be divided nearly in half, with a 74,000 square foot casino, and a equivalently sized garden area, probably an Encore analogue to the atrium gardens in Wynn Las Vegas as well as a competitor to The Conservatory at Bellagio. Encore will have entrances directly on the strip. Unlike most of the other joints in town that practically put slot machines on the sidewalk outside their casinos, Encore will feature lobby/dining/retail buffer zones. Drive up porte-cochére are featured on Desert Inn Rd and Strip sides. The ground floor of Encore tower will feature retail and VIP check in. As is in Wynn Las Vegas, the spa will be located on the second floor.

It is apparent from the floor plans as well as the construction photos that Wynn's architects have thought clearly about foot traffic from Wynn Las Vegas, Encore Tower and strip frontage. There will be numerous dining options in the Encore property, but access to Terrace Pointe, The Country Club and The Buffet shouldn't be too bad. What still isn't clear is exactly what will happen in the presumably outdoor areas. Will the space between the casino/garden complex and the pool be cabanas and pool side lounge areas or will there be another internal resort 'feature' a la 'The Lake of Dreams'. We're going to guess the latter, but its only a guess.

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Comments & Discussion

Your version of my crappy drawing is very good - funny that your interpretation of my drawing is more like what I remember about the plans than my drawing itself is. Heh.

From what I know, the plans for the public spaces have changed slightly but all of the fundamentals are the same. We're talking about them changing the sizes of certain areas and also changes to the finishes, which I'm not privy to anyway.

And the beautiful thing about the opening of encore is that it will coincide with the end of the reign of King George.It may be a true renaissance of America as well.

three cheers to that minibee.

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