Encore at Wynn Las Vegas : Preview & Construction Photos

Wynn Las Vegas Phase II Rises On The Las Vegas Strip

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Brahms, Beethoven, Eminem. To put Wynn Las Vegas' construction, completion and opening in the highest echelons of artistic achievement is certainly no faux pas. For when does a building, let alone one whose main goals are operating games of chance, folies du theatre, goods exchange and expeditions in cuisine, elevate its panes and columns to a level of artistic achievement? Seldomly, if ever. But Wynn Las Vegas is no mere mortar. In the annals of resortitecture, Wynn Las Vegas rocks down to Electric Avenue, passing the dutchie in a red hot Ferrari while still taking the time to share the Grey Poupon with Grandma and Grandpa Venetian N. Bellagio in the Rolls next door.

The Las Vegas Strip is a sub-city where post-modernist architecture is taken to the Disneyest extreme - a cyclical temporary pastiche of theme wonderland mirages attached by people movers and double decker buses. From the cauldron of double bubble one can peer out from King Arthur's castle to see ancient Egypt, numerous Italian ruins, the New York City skyline, Asian paradise or two, a handful of North African oasi, multiple views of fraudulent France and a Disney movie - sampled, stitched together and recombined into a money making mashup that is more mache than Cartier.

The Merchant of Vegas

Amidst this retro-historical meta identity, an opera called "The Merchant of Vegas" serenely enters its third act. In Act I, the protagonist, Steven, builds his inn keeper business through willpower, avarice and bullheaded deal making. Act II, Steven loses all he's worked for because he's been blinded (literally and figuratively) by greed and absolute power. Act III, Steven returns with a new vision, wrapped a soaring, yet humble aria that is at once a song and philosophy for the ageless underdog, proving that the search for identity was mistaken in the quest for power. As the last tones of the aria fade off into the ether, Steven stands alone on stage, his silhouette fades into darkness. The audience erupts into thunderous applause, identifying with the wayward path to redemption that Steven sings about. Joy and roses burst forth to the stage, piling adoringly at Steven's feet as a growing throng of punters shout "Encore!"

Encore, a word of french origin, denotes an additional (brief) performance in response to the demand of an audience after the initial performance has been completed. This demand is usually expressed to the performers by repeated applause. 'Encore' is also the name for the phase II expansion of Wynn Las Vegas, which after some minor delays is expected to open in early 2009.

A video of construction site can be found on the last page

Steve Wynn certainly is no Deep Purple... we surely hope his 'Encore' will have a few more surprises than an obligatory version of 'Smoke on the Water' to close out the show. We decided to stop by Wynn Las Vegas to take a gander at the current state of 'Encore' construction (photos taken March 2007) and see what Mr. Wynn has in store for us. Many thanks go to our friend Hunter at RateVegas.com who kindly granted us permission to reprint some of the exclusive details he's posted on Two Way Hard Three.

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Your version of my crappy drawing is very good - funny that your interpretation of my drawing is more like what I remember about the plans than my drawing itself is. Heh.

From what I know, the plans for the public spaces have changed slightly but all of the fundamentals are the same. We're talking about them changing the sizes of certain areas and also changes to the finishes, which I'm not privy to anyway.

And the beautiful thing about the opening of encore is that it will coincide with the end of the reign of King George.It may be a true renaissance of America as well.

three cheers to that minibee.

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