Vegas Eats: Thomas Keller's Bouchon at the Venetian

French food ain't high on my list of favorite cuisines, but this joint is something else.

Posted by Miss Monkay

Main Course:
Breakfast Americain for Chuckmonster, eggs poached, served atop toasted brioche and covered in a butter herb sauce (this is apparently they way they do poached eggs, otherwise I believe the eggs are served sans sauce). The bacon was good, but basic, while the sausage tasted homemade. There were no weird fillers but also no heavy spices. It nearly fell into the bland category

I opted for the Croque Madame, which is a French version of a grilled ham and cheese topped with a sunny-side up egg and a mornay sauce. The cheese was a lovely gruyere and had a mild, nutty flavor. It was paired nicely with the ham, which was thinly sliced and lean. The brioche was grilled to a gorgeous golden brown and did not get soggy, even under the weight of the rich white cream sauce.

Both were served with the pommes frites (aka fries); mine were along side the sandwich on the plate while Chuckmonster's came in a cone. We were both unable to come close to finishing them.

The service was spot on. We had ordered, ate and paid within the span of 40 minutes, which was an added bonus given that we had only allowed ourselves a short time to eat. Our server was pleasant and had plenty of help so we wanted for nothing. Coffee and water was refilled on a regular basis.

The coffee was brilliant and would warrant a return visit for just for a cup. It was strong and flavorful and did not require too much mucking with; Just a touch of cream and half a sugar sufficed since the flavor was so lovely.

Including tip, just under $60

The food was excellent and the breakfast was merely an appetizer for more. I found that I am already day dreaming about a return visit.

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Comments & Discussion

quelle jolie croque madame. je convoite. chuckmonster's plate looks yumms but in comparsion, does not seem quite le badass.

I told you so, Miss Monkay!!

Indeed you did!!! Good taste, you!

You know you made me hungry!!!!!

we stayed at the venetian easter weekend, and the croque madame really was as good as the review and the picture. i mean stellar.
pain au chocolate, cheese danish, (don't forget the basket of madeleines and muffins all the way at the front), waffles (with a side of white sausage) were also on the table. and maybe an omellete somewhere. who knows anymore.
i think the fries are almost pointless on the croque madame's plate, outside of being something for others to pick at. i've had nearly everything on that table elsewhere, but i've never had a waffle or cheese danish quite like the ones at bouchon. for me i really felt like they'd managed to clearly define what such foods should taste like (and from all of my research it appears my madeleine experience was enough to make proust proud).
i will be back. my standard "diner" breakfast of the corned beef hash was on the menu and it pained me to not be able to try it. anyone able to post so i can live vicariously?

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