Vegas Eats: SW Steakhouse at Wynn Las Vegas - A Klassy Joint

The Wynn Las Vegas Food Tour continues with a foray into Steve Wynn's interpretation of the classic steakhouse

Posted by Miss Monkay

When it comes to excess, Vegas has it in spades. Sex, sin and slots aside, Las Vegas has become a culinary epicenter that has attracted a roster of all star chefs that equal any European city, New York, Chicago and San Francisco and Los Angeles. While we appreciate the throngs of chow slinging culinaryistas that serve up the truckloads of food that fill the eat-till-you-puke buffets, it's the new crop of upscale dining that has added much needed panache, and profits, to the Las Vegas tourism industry. SW Steakhouse at Wynn Las Vegas has, in its two short years of operation, catapulted itself into the top destinations for foodies who are looking for something more satisfying than a burger the size of a Buick.

What: SW Steakhouse

Where: Wynn Las Vegas

Chef: Chef David Walzog

Called from the room right before arriving and SW Steakhouse's maitre'd gave us a table right away, probably because it was a Sunday evening. When we called the night before, there was no room at all. If you're looking for a table that overlooks the Lake of Dreams, your best bet is to plan ahead or no dice.

4 different types of bread, freshly baked which was introduced to us piece by piece, along with 2 different types of butter.

Shrimp cocktail. 4 jumbo shrimp served atop a mold of ice on a rectangular plate, garnished with baby greens. Shrimp were cold, creamy, crunchy. Biting in to them was akin to taking a bite of fresh iceberg lettuce. The sauce was tangy enough to clear your sinuses. The lemon was dressed for the occasion (in a cheesecloth)

Ceasar Salad. Fresh, cold, crunchy romaine lettuce in a creamy, garlicky dressing. Garnished with shaved parmesan and crostini.

Main Course:
Filet Thermidor: Poached lobster atop a petit filet mignon, sitting in a thermidor sauce X 2! Chuckmonster went weak inside when he has a taste, while I felt that the filet was melt-in-your-mouth perfection.

Lobster Bouillabaise: Chock-full of sea-creatures which arrived sans broth. The broth immediately followed, carried lovingly by the server in a teapot type service. She covered the fish and left the rest at our request.

Grilled Salmon: Special of the day. Like butter on a hot biscuit. MMmmmmmm.

A decadent chocolate mousse cake served with a wee chocolate shake which stood only 4 inches tall. The cake was airy yet rich and the shake was one of the best I have ever tasted. This dessert alone is worth a repeat trip.

Strawberry Shortcake: 3 shortcakes stuffed with an creamy vanilla ice cream, fresh strawberries and a creme anglaise.

SW Steakhouse's service lived up to Wynn standards. Our server was kind enough to humor my old codger of a father, who at 76 years old found himself with the hots for her (not unusual at all, mind you). All of our needs were met and we were treated with the respect that comes with the high prices of the resort.

We had a reasonable view of the show on the Lake of Dreams. We did have a pillar blocking some of our view, but given that we had no reservations it was an added bonus to be able to show Father Monkay what the Wynn was all about. Chuckmonster spotted Isaac Hayes, soul singer best known as Chef from South Park dining at a table nearby. Chef and SW Steakhouse... interesting?

In the $300 for 3

Hells yeah, we will be eating here again.

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Comments & Discussion

SW could be the best steakhouse in Vegas. At least top 3.

There were 10 or so of us there for a birthday (right donnymac66) and without the birthday boys cash, cause he wanted to pay sooooo badly, it was about 125 each tip in (we only had 2 or so bottles of wine though, the table wasn't drinkin that much). The service was outstanding, the food was amazing, and yes one of the best steakhouse experiences I've had, in most cities!!!

Darn you, Miss Monkay -- I switched my reservation from SW to Corsa Cucina -- I didn't know they had strawberry shortcake. What am I going to do!!?

Awesome place for a birthday dinner. The crab, scallop and summer pea soup was freakin amazing!!!!!!!!

what are your other two best, donnymac?
after reading that chef was there i re-read the whole review in my head in his voice. try it, it works. :D

My two others would be Gallaghers (the steakhouse not the watermelon smashing guy) and a place that used to be at Venetian (circa 2000) called Texas, I think Delmonico is in that space now and I hear that is a good steak as well.

As far as steaks go Delmonica's Bone-In Ribeye is hard to beat. Just as the poached lobster over the filet at SW is one of the best entrees in town. Plus the bonus .....there is a waitress there who looks like dessert (score one for MR MonkY).

scored. :)

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