Editorial: Message to the NBA: Stay out of Vegas, Please

Does the string of NBA All-Star Weekend violence foreshadow Vegas' future?

Posted by MrsRoyHorn

The following editorial was submitted to VegasTripping by MrsRoyHorn (no relation), a Vegas tripper hailing from Detroit Rock City, Michigan. The root'n toot'n good times surrounding the NBA All-Star weekend in Vegas sparked a forest fire of debate in her britches, which, whether or not you agree with, is certainly worth discussing.

Tim Hardaway 0; Siegfried and Roy 1.

Oh, the delicious irony of it all. No wonder David Stern sent Timmy boy packing back to his home of hate in Florida – don’t let the door of the Southwest plane hit you too hard in the ass, Tim.

But I digress.

What remains of the bigger picture is this undeniable fact – the NBA needs Las Vegas more than Las Vegas needs the NBA, and I think David Stern finally realizes that.

Yes, the NBA now ships in foreign players, and holds exhibition games in foreign countries, broken many barriers and now sits upon the top of the professional sports world as the model league for others to follow. What else is there for David Stern and the team owners to conquer? Revenue is up, television ratings are too, and a new breed of superstars are in the wings, ready to take their place in the spotlight, smiling and shilling for Nike, Reebok, Sprite, Gatorade, etc.

However, to be honest, now that All Star Weekend is past us, I have come to the realization that an NBA team would be the worst thing to happen to Sin City. Why? Although Las Vegas proudly wears the abovementioned nickname with a wink and a smile, everyone who has visited realizes that much of that sin is strictly controlled with rules about strip clubs, open containers, panhandling and protests – laws designed to protect not only the citizens, but most importantly the tourists who pump billions into the economy each year.

And as much as I love Las Vegas, I’m afraid that the city would be a breeding ground for thugs, thugs and more thugs if the NBA permanently set up shop there – all roaming the Strip looking for fast times and fast money. The shooting at the Minxx nightclub is a perfect example of what I am talking about – NFL player Pacman Jones is now the LVPD’s public enemy after a bouncer at the club was left paralyzed below the waist and two others were injured after he decided to toss thousands of dollars in the air at Minxx “for effect.” Now, think, what would any stripper in her right mind do if all that cash came raining down on the floor – grab it, stash it in her costume and run for the dressing room? Well, Jones didn’t take to kindly to his money being taken, so someone allegedly from his entourage decided to open fire – and three people were seriously injured.

Secondly, what about that brawl in a Wynn Las Vegas nightclub? The place has been open for two years and all we’ve heard is nice things – All Star weekend rolls around and a fight breaks out at the Wynn! The Wynn! Things like that aren’t supposed to happen at the Wynn – it’s a place for rest, relaxation and looking, well, important. I wish Steve had sicced his guard dogs on those idiots involved in the melee.

Now, some of you may read this and say, “That’s terrible to make such assumptions about people.” Yeah, yeah, go cry in your beer, will ya? I’m not some conservative right winger – I’m as liberal as they come and am not ashamed to admit it; but sometimes you have to say “Something is wrong.” In my eyes the string of bad events that happened during the festivities portend of worse things to come if Las Vegas got an NBA team. Now, to be honest, would I worry if Mayor Goodman scored an MLB team? No. A hockey team? No. And do I sound biased? Yes, I do.

Whether we want to admit it or not, people consider Las Vegas an adult Disneyland where bad things don’t happen – it’s an image that the police, casino tycoons, and corporate executives have carefully crafted, and it’s one that will crumble if the NBA comes to town on a permanent basis.

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i couldn't agree more. the nba is like the cloud of detritus trailing pigpen of the peanuts gang.

We showed the NBA what we have, and they showed us what they have. thugs, gang bangers and apes who's knuckles drag on the ground.

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thanks chuck... couldn't agree more.

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