Dr. Deathwatch Returns : Nick's Picks 2007

Las Vegas Casino Death Watch's Nick Christenson Gives His Annual Post Mortem for the Las Vegas Casino Industry

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: If you had one suggestion to give to executives of the gaming industry, what would it be?

NC: I'd advise them to think a little harder about providing service and value to your customers, and then I'd advise them to not listen to me. They're doing just fine. As a shareholder of casino stocks, I'm very satisfied with most of what they're doing. As a customer, I'm generally disgusted. But hey, folks keep coming, and I don't see any sign that the flow will stop or even slow down. Why offer good service if your customers don't demand it?

VT: Imagine for us a world in which Bob Stupak was supreme commander and ruler?

NC: I choose not to do so. However, I think I may have seen a preview for a TV movie based on this premise. If I recall correctly, it was playing on the Apocalypse Channel. On second thought, I might have been watching a rerun of Crime Story while on hallucinogens.

Okay, I can't help myself. I suspect we'd all be forced to carry cigarettes so that if we encountered the supreme ruler he'd be able to "borrow" one from us. I fear that all the fine and even not-so-fine dining options around would be replaced with "The Fabulous Moon-Rock Buffet". Imagine Jonestown with badly watered down bourbon drinks replacing Kool-Aid. I get the shakes just thinking about it. This is definitely an existence where the living would envy the dead.

Thanks, I won't be able to get this image out of my head for a week.

VT: Last question... what's getting played on your iPod/iTunes/CD player/turntable most often these days?

NC: Always in the rotation is my collection of 30 different renditions of "Viva Las Vegas". My favorites are definitely the versions by the Dead Kennedys, Dread Zeppelin, the Residents, and, of course, Elvis himself.

VT: Thanks again Nick for taking the time to chat with us. We'll see you next year!

NC: You're very welcome. I look forward to the next round. Good luck in the coming year.

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