Dr. Deathwatch Returns : Nick's Picks 2007

Las Vegas Casino Death Watch's Nick Christenson Gives His Annual Post Mortem for the Las Vegas Casino Industry

Posted by Chuckmonster

VT: Ballys has been on everybody's list for demolition for 5 years running. How will the buyout affect the rumored Horseshoe re-branding?

NC: This is really uncertain. If the new Harrah's isn't so keen on picking up a big tab for major construction north of Flamingo, they still might be interested in doing some renovations, and Bally's would be the most likely target for this. Of course, if they're really not up for spending money, then the status quo might go on for a while. If I had to guess, I'd guess that Bally's will be the first of the Harrah's properties to get renamed/rethemed/redone, but I'm not at all confident in this prediction, nor do I know on what timetable it might occur.

VT: Two doors down, there is a pile of scaffolding and a building that's been repainted three different colors in the last ten months. Something must be going wrong in there if they can't decide on a paint job. Will the re-branding project ever end?

NC: For those who don't know, you're talking about the Aladdin/Planet Hollywood. I was in there a while back, and I was amazed to see that they've really made some substantial internal changes. It's going slow, though. I give it better than 50/50 that the official name change will occur in 2007, but they don't seem to be in a huge hurry to do this. They're using the new name in advertising for the Miss America pageant.

VT: There are rumors floating around that MGMMIRAGE is going to change LuXoR's name to The Pyramid when the new nightclubs and other minor renovations have been completed. Is this part of a long-range plan to revive it or are they squeezing out the last drops of juice?

NC: Really? This is the first I've heard of it. I suppose they might do something like this, but I'd expect that both Circus Circus and the Ex would be higher priorities. I'm guessing the Luxor/Pyramid thing still has some legs, but what do I know? Heck, they could change the name of the place to The Big Black Lump and it wouldn't surprise me that much. If anyone uses that theme, I want it on the record that I thought of it first.

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