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The dirty bird gets a new set of feathers

Posted by Chuckmonster

When you think about the rooms at the Flamingo, the first things that come to mind are: they're small, the bamboo print carpeting is gross, tv in an armoire is tired, the rooms are nothing special. In this context, the long-standing rumors that the ol' dirty bird was gonna get the heave-ho make lots of sense. With most of the historic Vegas properties slowly being picked off and replaced with gleaming luxury resorts it has become a question of when not if the historic Flamingo will be thrown to the scrap heap of history.

Well it appears that Bugsy's joint has been given a reprieve from its date with Controlled Demolitions Inc. in the form of a newly renovated wing of the main tower that Harrah's calls "The Go Room". The Go Rooms come in two flavors: Deluxe and Luxury the only difference between them is the view. Go Room Luxury looks out on the glorious Las Vegas Strip, where the Go Room Deluxe has a view of... everything else. We booked our Go Room through the Flamingo website, three days before our departure - a surprise meeting in Las Vegas with The Grinders, in town for a birthday blowout. Go Room prices fluxuated on the Flamingo website quite widely for three days - during normal business hours rates skyrocketed to $600/night, settled down to $300 in the early evening, then took a nose dive around midnight to around $200/night. Even though these are new rooms, and were in limited supply due to the National Finals Rodeo being in town, there was no way in hell we'd shell out six bills for a room at the Flamingo, no matter what color they painted it. I booked the room at a still over priced $230 just past 1am, when the price seemed to have bottomed out.

There is a video walkthrough for the Go Room
on the last page of this review.

Flamingo GoRoom We arrived at the Flamingo in early afternoon, checked in effortlessly via Diamond check-in and headed over to the main bank of elevators up to the room. The formerly skanky and decrepit elevators have been completely refurbished, gone are the broken mirrors, detached handlebars, cracked floor buttons - replaced by a faux walnut veneer, piped in country music and a flat screen tv showing previews of all the fun stuff we could do at the Pink Minger. We departed the elevator at floor 24, hung a left and walked down the turd green bamboo carpeted hallway in the general direction of our room number. We hung a quick right past the ice machines and WHAMO - welcome to the Flamingo GO WING. Bright white paint, with pink accents, candy colored carpeting possibly stolen from a constructivist de-construction of Mondriaan's licorice making Italian brother - which snaking forth into oblivion, causing Willy Wonka-esqe vertigo in all directions.

The group of women in the photo above had an interesting conversation about the decor as they wheeled down the endless hallway - one was adamant how ugly it was, one was somewhat disagreeing, the other two were "non haters" who didn't want to do battle with the loudmouth.

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Had the pleasure of staying at the Flamingo "go room" outside oof a room in Caesars Palace, and a suite at Bally's, it was the finest room I have ever stayed. The only 2 complaints or comments I have are that the wide screen TV is not High Deffenition and that the lip sinc is off on the tv in the Bathroom. They have the speaker in the ceiling. After 3 night at the Flamingo I had to move to the Rio and at least the room I was in was junk. It's time to remodel or remove the Rio

The "go" rooms are great and the color and design are not for everyone. I will have to disagree with the previous comment on the HDTV, channels as they had 14 HD channels, which is HUGE. To my knowledge, the only resorts in vegas with this feature currently is the Flamingo "GO" rooms and the WYNN resort. For those that travel with an IPOD, want HD and be in the center of the strip- this is the ticket.

my sister and i stayed in the "go" rooms in december.we thought they were lovly.very bright and spacious. loved the tv in the bathroom.going to vegas next year think we will stay there again.

"One of the best features of the Go Room shower is the body sprayer. The body spray has multiple nozzles that can be aimed at whatever it is you'd like to spray. This is a neato fun shower feature that dosen't exist in any of the higher end hotels in Las Vegas as far as we know."

Dunno if the Venetian rooms have them but I can vouch that there are body sprayers in the Venezia Concierge Level.

jester - you're right... Venezia tower rooms have a boobie washer.

I have a question for you...I have a comped room at the Flamingo in June, what do you think my chances of getting a free up-grade to the Go Room would be? Should I even try? I know some money would help with the persuasion, just wondered if anyone has had any luck with this method. Thanks in advance...

If you have a casino host, ask them to upgrade you. If that dosen't work, slip the desk clerk a $20 and ask about it. If you check in early enough you might have a good chance.

Thanks VT for a great recommendation on the GO rooms. Very pleased with the room, exactly as you described it....and wow, what a great location.

Nobody goes to Vegas to sleep, which is a good thing since we had "Lassie from Porky's" in the room next door. Perhaps little more 'pink' insulation next time Flamingo?

VivaLV, VivaVT

about comp upgrades...

i checked into the flaminge on a last minute booking (staying at bellagio the night after so why not take free.) the lovely desk clerk gave me a free bump up to the go room from a standard, which made me giddy post VT review...

my reality was hell.

my go room was a go room that was built out of a closet. the room was smaller than normal, and the bathroom was well, not what i expected. while the bed, furnishings and the like were the same as mentioned, my bathroom was one door facing the door to the room in the hall, had lights that didn't function, and a euroshower. that's right folks, tile floor from wall to wall and a sprayer on the wall. not to mention the pink lights well, they were pink enough to blind me, when they chose to work, and came on halfway through a shower. it was also a blast to stand in the middle of a puddle while trying to dry your hair.

not to mention the rest of the room was not very well taken care of at all. the flat panel didn't work, when i told the engineer a tweak of the hdmi cable seemed to fix it, he said "what cable is that." not to mention the 10 am wake up call of the denon system next door...

to me the go room felt like a cheap hostel in berlin, only the cheap hostels in berlin i've stayed in are better. no wonder i picked encore for my birthday trip this year...

I have to agree with blackjacker1979!

I was so excited to get in on this hidden suite in the middle of the Vegas strip. We booked 2 nights with a GO Delux View room and got the pool package deal (~$10 off per night and 2 free poolside drinks).

The checkin was very smooth and we were given our room keys at 3pm even though they said the key line starts at 4. I was a little confused as to why our room was on the 16th floor as I thought only the high floors had GO suites. Apparently there are a LOT of these rooms.

We got to our floor and it smelled like a mixture of wed dog and cigarettes. It was a non-smoking room but there was an ash try in the elevator lobby. We also discovered it was a "pet friendly" floor...duh!

The room was cool and neuvo/art deco as advertised and I thought the view was decent. We saw the Caesars entrance and the Bellagio fountains off to the left but the Donnie and Marie print obscured any good camera shot or clear view.

I couldn't wait to test out the sound system and flatscreen TV! In reality, the hotel was OUT of auxiliary cables so I couldn't connect my iPhone to the stereo and the TV picture quality was fair. No HD channels and pretty basic cable.

The Flamingo definitely lived up to it's "Dirty Bird" name and I won't be spending another weekend there.

We were in Vegas September 9th for 4 nights and stayed at your hotel for the first time in the Go Rooms. It was so clean and the beds were very comfortable. We absolutely loved it. I loved the whole atmosphere at your hotel, the friendlieness of all staff and the old style vegas atmosphere. we liked it so much we booked to come in December.

It definitely depends when you book. Look up promo codes. I'm going to Vegas with my friend from the 8-13 and are looking into a go room. With the promo code I found, it will cost us 366 split between us for those 5 days. I'll be slightly disappointed if the room has major issues but in reality, we will only be sleeping and showering here. Pays to research for deals

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