The Grinders Report: The Mirage

Vegas with less money and less meat - August 2006

Posted by Richie Raviolis

Next up was Main Street Station Casino and Brewery, which we highly recommend. Just walking through this classic old west casino is worth the trip. While we were there we made a stop at the Triple 7 Brewpub. Once inside the large pub it's quite easy to forget you're in a casino. The hustle and bustle of the casino is gone, and you can just sit and enjoy the quality microbrews they have to offer. I had the Market Pale Ale, but tasted others, and was quite pleased. We ordered up some Mozzarella sticks and made a meal of it.

I must admit, there wasn't too much for a vegetarian to eat on the "bar food" menu, but the beer was good, the atmosphere was right, and we had a grand old time. In fact, there happened to be a new bartender behind the bar who, when Melody ordered a rum and coke, gave her a full glass of rum, (by mistake? Who cares?? Yippie!!). To make the best of it, we ordered a few small cokes and got three people drunk for the price of one! Can't beat that.

The next day, after our Hurricane breakfast at the pool, we decided to try one of the other restaurants at the Mirage for lunch. At first we decided on the Carnegie Delicatessen. This New York style deli had a menu full of meat, to be sure. Pastrami, corned beef, tongue, salami, and on and on. But in addition to the many specialty sandwiches, there was a nice assortment of big cheese sandwiches to choose from, as well. The breakfast menu was even more impressive, with omelets, french toast, egg sandwiches, and even more vegetarian options. Did I mention the dessert menu? Wow! Cheese cakes and shakes and pies, oh my! But in the end, the line to get a table was too long and we opted for the California Pizza Kitchen located right next to it.

The California Pizza Kitchen is located in an open space between the sports betting area and the poker tables, which really keeps you in the feel of the room. Our table faced the large wall of television screens showing the results of every sport you can think of. The service was good, despite the place being packed, and there was lots of stuff on the large menu for vegetarians to choose from. You could start off with the "Sedona tortilla soup" or the "grilled vegetable salad". Then move on to one of the six veggie pizzas. These included the "vegetarian with Japanese Eggplant", and the "pear and gorgonzola". Everything we had tasted delicious. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, the pizza crust perfectly baked, and the red sauce was delicious.

Our trip to Las Vegas was a memorable one. In fact, we've already booked our next trip and plan to give a full report. I'll leave you with one last tip about getting from the airport to the strip and back: don't use the airport shuttles - unless maybe if your staying on the South end of the strip, (LuXor, Mandalay Bay). A taxi ride is much quicker and may even be cheaper. We took a shuttle to the Mirage and it added almost an hour to our trip. The taxi had to fight it's way into every hotel entrance along the way, which was no easy task with the masses of (drunk) people clogging up the sidewalks. So do yourself a favor and just take a taxi. Just make sure the driver doesn't take you through the tunnel, which can add as much as $10 to your bill.

Let loose and have fun!

The Mirage
Accommodations: way good
Vegetarian/Eats: pretty darn good
Casino: not great, but not bad

Main Street Station Casino and Brewery
Vegetarian/Eats: bar food. not so good for veggie... (but good beer!)
Casino: awesome

Vegetarian/Eats: I don't think so
Casino: loosey-goosey

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Dude, RAVIOLIS! I thought you were from New York!!!!! How *could* you say that California Pizza Kitchen has good pizza? Cali has turned you soft.

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