The Grinders Report: The Mirage

Vegas with less money and less meat - August 2006

Posted by Richie Raviolis

When on a budget, it's good to keep track of how much things cost. But sometimes it's okay to not ask how much something cost. Like, for example, when you order two Hurricanes at the pool bar. Have fun and let loose, for christ sake. I find it's best to assume things are gonna cost $30. Besides, you can always win it back later on the slots, (not a recommended train of thought). However, you should avoid The Drugstore at the Wynn. I think one bottle of beer cost me about $7. That's too much. Even when you're "letting loose" and "having fun".

Later that day, after Chuckmonster and Miss Monkay's beautiful wedding, we headed back to the Mirage for a late lunch. We chose the Caribe Cafe because we noticed they featured a "2X2 Veggie Burger" on the menu. We headed up the long ramp directly off the gaming floor into the large dining room and took our seat in what felt like a fancy diner. It wasn't too busy and the service was good. We both ordered what turned out to be a delicious double decker veggie burger. We piled on the condiments, drenched our french fries in malt vinegar, and grabbed a Heiney to wash it down.

Overall, the Caribe Cafe is a great lunch spot. It's not five star quality in look or feel, but the Caribe Cafe is a comfortable place to get good food at a reasonable price. In addition to the salads, sandwiches, pasta entrees, and breakfast menu, they also feature a large dessert menu with ice cream, pies, and cakes galore. Other veggie items include a "vegetarian panini", "vegetable lasagna", and a "polynesian fruit plate".

Later that evening we joined the wedding party for a wild taxi ride downtown to the Fremont Street Experience. After weaving our way down the covered street we ended up at the Plaza at the far end of the strip. It's easy to see that the Plaza is one of the older casinos, with it's worn carpets and questionable bathrooms, (even the snack bar looked like it was lifted from a bowling alley circa 1974). But what the Plaza lacks in glamour, it more than makes up for in charm, (meaning: loose slots).

The Plaza is also where Melody discovered what was to become her obsession... the Hexbreaker video slot machine. It looks like a video game, but it's much, much more. Part slot machine, part video game. Melody tried to explain to me how there are multiple layers of winning, with black cats and broken mirrors, and so on and so forth. I admit, I didn't really understand most of it. But she was winning, and that's all I needed to know about Hexbreaker.

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Dude, RAVIOLIS! I thought you were from New York!!!!! How *could* you say that California Pizza Kitchen has good pizza? Cali has turned you soft.

Miss Monkey, Please don't tell my mom!!

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