Palm Springs Tribal Casino Poker Run Pt. 1 - Agua Caliente Casino

This ain't no mirage buddy... the weather isn't the only thing thats hot out in Palm Springs.

Posted by Chuckmonster

Rock and roll. I mean rock and roll. For clarity's sake ROCK and ROLL. Miss Monkay, H, Myrrh and I braved the 106 degree heat headed out to Palm Springs for the annual Coachella music festival. As if seeing Stereolab, Radiohead, Kraftwerk, the re-united Pixies, Beck and more wasn't enough to grab you by the cerebral cortex and flip your lid...

On the way out to Coachella the signs dotted the roadside. Jackpots galore at Pechanga, Casino Morongo, Casino Soboba, Agua Caliente, Trump 29 and more... I filed these names in the back of my mind for the possibility of a return trip video poker run.

First up was the Agua Caliente Casino [ ] in Rancho Mirage, California. Agua Caliente, which translates to hot water a reference to the many hot springs out in Palm Springs... is run by the Cahuilla Native American Tribe and is just a minute or two off the freeway exit Bob Hope Drive. We pulled into the parking garage, and rolled into the elevator with an elderly man and woman (not a couple). I asked them 'have you guys ever been here before?' They both responded in the affirmative to which the elderly woman added 'It can be dangerous.' Ooooooh. Excitement. We strolled from the elevator to the casino floor, led down the hallway by the din of slot machine bells and buzzers going off in the distance. The casino itself is reminiscent of a small Atlantic City room, the signage is similar to what you'd find at the Taj Mahal or the Golden Nugget. Definitely 80's, but not cheesy. There were 15-20 table games going (pretty much all cards... i don't recall seeing roulette or craps tables) and a slew of slot machines to both ends of this one gymnasium sized room. Inside the vibe was great, clean, well appointed, lots of change runners and coctail waitresses scurrying about and most of the slot machines were occupied. There was also a non-smoking poker room and non-smoking slot area to the far corners of the casino.

Miss Monkay and I wandered about looking for a good machine to play. Based on the run I had at the Imperial Palace a month or so before, I plopped down at a Red White & Blue 25� and Miss Monkay at the Double Diamond Quarter Banger next to me. On the third spin tripled my $20 stake... looked at Miss Monkay and started laughing. She was sorta excited, but a little concerned that the Double Diamond was gonna snatch her tenner and leave her dry. I spun for a while and continually lost... Miss Monkay whittled her credits down to the last three and played Max. BAM BAM BAM. 7 | Double Diamond | Double Diamond on the payline. Woo woo woo woo. Lights bells whistles... the whole thing. We both sat there for a while trying to compute what exactly she had won. The lady next to her peeked over and the three of us all tried to do the math. Eventually the machine peaked out at 900 credits (Two Double Diamonds = 9x the winning 100 credits for Triple 7s = $225 on a $10 investment) We both giggled a bit, hit the Cash Out button on both of our machines, brought the ticket to the cage and left. We were there a total of 20 minutes... and high fived all the way to the car. Easy money. Shouldn't it always be this way?

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