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Some Vegas October Trip Comments

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Monday, 26th October 2015 11:55 am
Last response by blakjak21 28th October 6:21am

Besides the 1-night stay at Planet Ho, spent a few nights at Aria during the Vegas trip earlier this month…a few recent VT posts indicate Aria rooms needing some refreshing…maybe I lucked out and got a room that was in really good shape, but the room was literally next to the last room on the hallway so could be less used room than others…still really like Aria rooms, décor, comfort, and space.

I always spend some time in Aria casino regardless of the hotel staying at…recent VT posts have mentioned the changes to the floor and the current construction and slot removal from Javier’s to the front entrance… craps table minimums were $15 most of the time but always every evening.

A CVS is being built in front of Bally’s bazaar market…I still have not walked thru this bazaar market…just does not interest me to see this place.

Food choices were…
800 Degrees Pizza at Monte Carlo was good but not great… pizza was quickly delivered to you after ordering…pizza size adequate for one person…self-serve soft drinks.

Tom Urbans at NYNY…again really good food but crappy service.

Lago at Bellagio…not cheap but excellent service, atmosphere, and great tasting food…have no problems going here again.

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse at 4-Seasons…food was really good but terrible, snotty, you-are-not-worthy-of-eating-here service.

Herringbone ocean-to-table restaurant is replacing Gold Lounge in Aria.

As mentioned by another VT post, Sensi in Bellagio is gone…already have the construction walls up and changing to a farm-to-table restaurant.

Zarkana show at Aria was entertaining, but glad did not pay full price for ticket…advertisements show the revolving wheel while guys jumping rope, but that was excluded after the show was ‘updated/refreshed’.

My convention was at MGM convention center…not that large of a convention center for the hotel size…the walk to the casino was long, but not as bad as the map makes it look.

A Vegas friend of mine told me about the Pittman-Wash running trail in Henderson…had a nice Saturday morning run here…mostly shaded trail…fairly flat course...well worth the 15 minute drive from the strip…not too far off of I-215 on Windmill Parkway.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Monday, 26th October 2015

Great trip report, great dining rundowns.... another great post. Thank you WPSteeel!

 levans responded on Tuesday, 27th October 2015

I walked thru the Bally's deal and it was weird but i wasn't as annoyed with it as I was expected to be.
I had no issues at all with Tom's Urban. Fast service, lovely waitress and the food was very good. Steak and eggs with cheese grits, two pieces of wheat toast.

 blakjak21 responded on Wednesday, 28th October 2015

ANOTHER CVS.........what a big surprise!