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quick reflection on a 5 night night stay at Treasure Island (just got back last night):

Last edit: MeltYrselfDown on Wednesday, 19th August 2015 11:11 am
Last response by wpsteel66 3rd September 10:20am

TI has the best blackjack on the strip. i played almost exclusively in the high limit room with $25 minimum, S17, 3/2 naturals, 6-deck shoe.

Breeze Bar will comp macallan 12 year if you're playing vp at the bar. and they'll sell you 18 year on the rocks for $14 vp or no vp, which is a steal.

rooms were clean, A/C worked great, and even with booking through hotwire, the resort fee was optional upon check in.

interesting note: there's no minibar in the room. instead you get an empty fridge in the closet to use as you wish. and with the CVS attached to the casino (there's actually a small entrance right off the casino floor by the poker "room"), getting a cheap 12 pack of water, mixers, and the inevitable bottle of pepto is super handy.

i actually cashed out up every time i played a slot.

coffee shop there is of the food options are meh, but it's so close to everything you might as well go to mirage and get the points for food and beverage spend (way more bang for the buck than playing the casino there).

the pool on weekends is to be avoided, but midweek it's really comfortable and easy to get a lounge.

my 5 night/4 day trip left me relaxed and happy...and now i have a host at TI.

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 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 19th August 2015

wow. i'm surprised to hear this. but it makes me happy knowing that an independent operator is bucking the trend of the monoliths. worth taking a deeper look next time i'm out there.

thank you!

 Ricogreen responded on Wednesday, 19th August 2015

Could it be that Treasure Island might be my new home on the strip? I wouldn't believe this a couple of years ago, but if they continue to offer the best gambling odds on the strip I'll definitely give them my business.

 levans responded on Thursday, 20th August 2015

I stayed there a few times and he is on the mark. The rooms are very nice with an amazing bed. Food options are decent. The buffet is surprisingly nice considering the size. Gilley's is cool and the food is recommended. The casino has a nice quiet vibe. The staff is also friendly and helpful. The pirate show was still there when I stayed. I am not a fan of having a CVS at the end of the property but this could be one of my choices for a hotel when I am there for VIMP.

 Diablo responded on Thursday, 20th August 2015

With this and the cromwell and linq, its good to know that there are nice budget options stil available on the strip.

 Devastazione responded on Friday, 21st August 2015

Except for my last I've always picked TI for my past trips. A dear friend of mine is a dealer there and I always visit him both at the table and at home with his family. Agree on the food,coffe shop is ok while the buffet is a good value for breakfast but nothing more. Francesco's pizzeria is the best pizza on the Strip anyway,and the LVRJ agrees with that. Man that is some good pizza...!!
Rooms are nice but since the 2008 renovation they're already starting to show some worn,I wonder if Phil Ruffin will consider a renovation anytime soon. Mattresses have all been replaced december 2014,haven't tested them yet but the old ones were cloud like fantastic.
I like TI,a simple hotel with easy parking access,right prices and just the right amount of amenities to enjoy Vegas without going broke.
I'm glad you've found some friendly employees too,I've always found TI's staff a "here are your keys now get out of here " one.

 cschoony responded on Friday, 21st August 2015

I have stayed there quite a few times over the years on comps. The review is bang on - I have never had an issue with the rooms. The only staff issue I have ever has was check in but it was not that bad. Having a fridge is a bonus. I too have a host and he has always been good the deal with. Yes, sometimes I will go to the Mirage to eat to get the MLife points but I'm sure lots of other people do that as well. As for winning ... it takes me longer to lose my daily allowance at TI than at other places.

 KickedBoar591 responded on Friday, 21st August 2015

I can't remember the last time I walked into the TI, but this has certainly given me a little incentive to do so.

 wpsteel66 responded on Thursday, 3rd September 2015

Has been over 3 years since I have walked thru TI...came in from the Mirage tram entrance...I cannot recall any negatives but also nothing wowed me about TI...may have to give another try...