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Memorial Day Weekend trip report

Last edit: parchedearth on Saturday, 31st May 2014 11:45 am
Last response by motoman 5th June 12:49am

Stayed Friday thru Monday in a comped Tower Deluxe room at Luxor. The Luxor was surprisingly well maintained and the room was clean. No WiFi! Had to plug in a cable from in back of the TV. Dinner at Rx boiler room in Mandalay Place was good but somewhat eclectic. Kumi at Mandalay Bay was a major disappointment. The food as all standard sushi joint fare.

Stayed Monday thru Weds at Bellagio. I really like the new room decor. First time back at Prime in over 15 years and it hasn't changed a bit. Hit my first royal flush on video poker for a $4K win. Lobster pot pie at Michael Mina's is overrated.

Rode the High Roller at the Linq. Smooth as glass in a nice air conditioned pod for about 25minutes. There was no line (at noon), $25 ticket, and I rode with only 6 others in the pod. They have a convenient bar right before you get on. The view is nothing special and I think some of the surrounding hotels may actually be taller (Venetian). Also at the Linq, Chayo has great margaritas and good atmosphere but the food is awful. The Polaroid fotobar was pretty interesting. It's only $1 to printout a photo and they have some pretty cool frames for $10 (which is where they make all their money). I wish the printouts were better quality though. Even with the many people walking the Linq, I am not sure they can fill all the larger restaurants (Brooklyn Bowl, Tilted Kilt, and Yard House are huge). Overall, I had a very favorable impression of the Linq.

I spent many hours over several days at the Cromwell bars. Really good drinks and atmosphere. The staff are awesome. I couldn't really hear Drai's from inside the casino, but it was loud from my room at Bellagio. I can only imagine how loud it is for guests at Flamingo. They are going to have a major problem with the limited dining. Even if Giada's is great, there are really no other places to eat in the property. Best option is for guests to go across to CP. Memorial Day weekend there was no food available. They set up a buffet for guests in one of the bar areas. For $179/night, I will definitely give it a try when everything opens.

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 detroit1051 responded on Saturday, 31st May 2014

"I couldn't really hear Drai's from inside the casino, but it was loud from my room at Bellagio."

Interesting. Noise is a problem everywhere in Vegas.

How much is the Lobster Pot Pie now? When Bellagio opened, and it was Aqua, I believe it was somewhere around $38. The menu on Bellagio's site says "Market Price".

 parchedearth replied on Saturday, 31st May 2014

Market price on lobster pot pie was $85. It is a different recipe than I had years ago.

 anawas responded on Sunday, 1st June 2014

Thanks for the update. I'd pretty much written off Luxor, but maybe I'll give it another look. And good to know about Drai's noise (not that I'd ever stay in Flamingo)

 socalduck responded on Sunday, 1st June 2014

I love Prime, glad to hear it has not changed. Interesting observations on Linq; I would have expected pretty big crowds for Memorial Day weekend. As I no longer live in Southern California, I'm not sure what kind of marketing Caesars is doing to launch Linq (if any). I am curious, is there any kind of advertising at all in LA/San Diego media for Linq?

 jinx73 responded on Monday, 2nd June 2014

Nice report, I have to agree on the foot traffic to fill some of those restaurants at Linq, it's going to be a difficult task especially since it's still just a dead end street. There only hope, imo, is that Brooklyn Bowl becomes a true destination spot on the strip. (I don't think there is anything else that has that chance, and while the wheel is ok, outside of first timers, I can't see a lot of repeat business as a destination).

I'm partial to the Luxor, so glad to hear the deluxe rooms are holding up some. I've found it's a great place to stay, although I wouldn't mind if they upgraded the restaurants a bit.

 levans responded on Tuesday, 3rd June 2014

I stayed at Luxor last time and was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was save for not having enough places to eat. I will make it a point to ride High Roller and I would guess that doing so will be something most will try when in town. It will not be a repeat business thing but they will make their money. The vast number of places to eat at Linq is a plus but until they upgrade the rooms the place won't make that much extra money.

 motoman responded on Wednesday, 4th June 2014

We walked the Linq Fri night following Memorial Day and it was absolutely packed. Bars & restaurants were hopping, with a long line outside Sprinkles Cupcakes & ice cream (sorry Ghirardelli across the street!). With the parking and valet out back, it is far from a dead end and may in fact become more of an entry point to The Strip -- foot traffic was definitely heavy in both directions back there. Monorail zooming by right under High Roller may end up being a living billboard for itself, increasing ridership ("Let's check out SLS," anyone?). Even if Monorail isn't helped, the crowds were amazing and I was impressed given the fenced-off alley construction site we saw just last Dec (and the no-man's-land still visible on Google Maps' satellite view). The end result is visually impressive with several two-story venues and an authentic city street (or at least, outdoor mall) facade, complete with a theatre-like marquee on one shop. Even the Polaroid place had folks inside. Color me pleasantly surprised.

 motoman replied on Thursday, 5th June 2014

I was thinking of Monorail ridership because of the number of families w/ children walking back there, who might consider it a "ride" itself ala Disneyland.

Luxor was an early fave of mine as well back in the "theme" days. Didn't ride the Roller but agree on views, given you're behind the butt end of buildings almost half the time. Had a better view and probably more fun having dinner at VooDoo last summer (yes, Rio. So shoot me.).