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Last edit: Hillybean29 on Tuesday, 8th April 2014 10:30 am
Last response by lewintn 14th April 11:11am

I’m really excited to be a part of a website with people as excited about Vegas as I am. It’s fun for me to be able to read other peoples reviews and reports and plan for my next trip accordingly so I hope my trip report helps all of you! Sorry Chuckmonster…did too much to highlight only seven!

My husband had a business trip planned for March and given that my 4 boys were on spring break (home with me for 24 hrs a day for 10 days) when my husband asked if I wanted to join him (is this a real question?) I said twist my arm!

It was a Tuesday-Friday trip, I had a ton planned and was determined to fit it all in. When we arrived at the Cosmopolitan, I hit Vesper Bar while the hubby checked-in. I ordered a Moscow Mule and it was the best I have ever had which of course sets the tone for the entire trip. We found the Hidden Pizza Place and had a pretty good slice of pepperoni and Italian sausage. I could’ve eaten 10 but wanted to go light since we had dinner reservations at Julian Serrano at 7pm and it was already after 2 at this point. After hitting MY electronic craps machine and winning a little we headed to the room to get ready for dinner.

We always stay at the Cosmopolitan even though I would like to try other hotels. Typically this is because it’s a Marriot affiliate and my husband earns rewards. I know a lot of you don’t like the Cosmo for this reason but it works to our advantage given we don’t get comps for gambling. As much as I love the Cosmo, I was a little disappointed this trip. We have been so spoiled in the past and this time although we did get an upgraded room, it wasn’t as high as we like our room to be and it was in the East wing instead of the West which we prefer. They also got rid of the free Wicked Spoon Buffet for Platinum Marriot members. This was a huge disadvantage for us. I do however love that they opened up Bond and put in some new tables.

I always like to see a show so we went with the dinner and show special at Aria with dinner at Julian Serrano and Zarkana as the show. This cost us about $320 with everything included (tax and gratuity) besides drinks at dinner. Dinner was a set pre-fixe menu but it was amazing as was the service. There were 2 “Zarkgria’s” included from the theater bar so after getting those we headed to our seats in section 301. They were pretty good seats but just as the show was starting, my husband leaned in for a smooch and spilled my “Zarkgria” (yes, a red wine sangria) all over me. When he came back from getting towels, he asked me to follow him. He told the ushers his mistake and they led us to seats 8 rows from the stage right in the center! I told him to spill a drink on me every time! The show was okay. Definitely not my favorite Cirque show but then again, I never love them. After the show we headed to Hyde at The Bellagio. The line with scantily clad women (I fit right in) was around the casino! I wondered why on earth people would wait in a line for hours to get into a club that has a line to the bar 4 deep and a dance floor so packed you can’t even dance on it! Mr. Hillybean is in the F&B industry so we got to skip the line and fight our way to the bar for our comped drinks. It is a place I would visit again with friends and a table because the music was good (R&B and Hip Hop) and it was a beautiful view of the fountains.

While the hubby worked on Wednesday, I used MYVEGAS points to visit Shark Reef and pick up souvenirs for the kiddos. Shark Reef was great but wouldn’t spend money on it unless I had my kids (yeah, not gonna happen). I’ve never been to Mandalay Bay before and so I visited the casino and took in lunch at Border Grill. I wasn’t thrilled with Border Grill which was disappointing. I was looking forward to it. Maybe it’s because the convention had them slammed all day but the food wasn’t impressive. I also stopped by MGM to use MYVEGAS points for a drink at Rouge but for some reason it was closed…again disappointing. That evening we took our 9 Red Bull friends to dinner at Carnevino in The Palazzo. The restaurant was extremely accommodating to our large party as well as knowledgeable about the extensive wine selection and food. It was a tremendous experience and I would definitely recommend it. You can read more about that on the board under Large Group Dinner Booking.

The last night I really wanted to check out Rose.Rabbit.Lie. Thanks to FiveHundy and Lewintn for letting me know about the Living Social deal. We dined on some lovely small plates and had more Moscow Mules that were on tap! They were all so good. After dinner we wandered to the bar to wait for the 10 o’clock show. While there, 2 performers asked if we wanted to be a part of a secret show. But of course!! They led us to the “cloak room” and gave us drinks. The performers put on a small show and gave us confetti. The earlier show was in their grand finale so we got to walk through the theater and throw confetti on everyone. That was a really fun experience. We watched the late show which was very good. Not Absinthe good but still very good and we stuck around for the club after. This is definitely something I would do again and recommend.

It was a great trip in an even greater city! Hope to see you there soon!

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responded on Tuesday, 8th April 2014

Great recap! I really want to check out Rose.Rabbit.Lie as well. Do you know if the show is much shorter at the midnight showing?

 Hillybean29 replied on Tuesday, 8th April 2014

The midnight show is definitely shorter but if you want to try that one because it's less expensive, then check out living social Las Vegas. They have a deal for admission for 2 for only $134. Either way, it's worth checking out! So much fun!

 Chuckmonster responded on Wednesday, 9th April 2014

Great trip report! Chuckmonster approved!

 motoman responded on Saturday, 12th April 2014

Nice! Two thumbs up.

Question re Hyde:
You were there on Tuesday, industry night (presumably related to husband's work?). Tues, Fri & Sat are nightclub nights, hence the crowds. So, did you happen to notice the crowd earlier in the evening (or on other nights), and what time the scene starts to change? We'd like to kick off an upcoming trip with a drink there and watch the fountains. But we definitely want to avoid the nightclub scene, and see the fountains with their own music. Nighttime preferable (better viewing, and we likely will get the daytime view for brunch), even though it gets dark late that time of year. Which is why I'm wondering about the timing….

 Hillybean29 replied on Monday, 14th April 2014

Nope not related. Ive wanted to try it out and the on premise manager for red bull agreed it was a good place to go on Tuesdays and let them know we were coming. I have no idea if it was industry night but I can tell you that there were lots, no all, young people. Again, I'm not yet 40 but I'm definitely not in my 20's anymore. I honestly couldn't answer all of your questions and I'm surprised to have not yet heard from Vespajet but I would guess that the "nightclub" scene doesn't start until after 11 or so (we were there around midnight). You could probably go early evening on a less busy night and have no problems with what you would like to do. Sorry I couldn't help more!

 lewintn responded on Monday, 14th April 2014

Great report! I'm glad that you enjoyed Rose. Rabbit. Lie. and Vegas Nocturne. Certainly making me want to plan my next trip to Cosmo!