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Bachelor Party: Harrah's, drinking, gambooling

Last edit: Okie21 on Thursday, 9th August 2012 6:44 pm
Last response by jimmybond 16th August 11:43am

Made a bachelor party trip with 5 other 23-25 year olds August 2-5. If you ran into a group excessively drunk but quiet, that probably wasn’t us. A few unorganized thoughts:

-Taxi long-hauling is alive and well in the Fabulous Las Vegas. “Harrah’s please, no tunnel.”
He replies, “Harrah’s by tunnel, ok!”
“I said no tunnel!”
He says, “Yes I would never take you through tunnel to Harrah’s!”
Uh huh buddy, I’ve got my eye on you.
Went downtown later, fare was $15.90. On the way back we had less than perfect minds, but did manage to get long-hauled for $27 something.

-Pool clubs aren’t for me. We went to Bare at the Mirage, which should have required full-coverage wet suits for most of the people there. Also, drinks were over-priced (no surprise) and even chairs required a $100 beverage minimum (surprise!). Normally, this would have been a non-issue, but since we each had 2 free drinks coming our way, $100 per person would have been a lot to drink. So we just chilled in the pool the whole time.

-Harrah’s blackjack rules are awful. Maybe ¼ of tables pay more than 6:5, cheapest of which is $10 even in the mornings. I did play a lot on a S17 $25 table in the HL room that was only open at night. This was my first time to ever win a purple, so that was cool.

-Ron White is freaking hilarious. “If I had a boat, I’d invite all of you to party on it with me.”
Lady in front row: “What about your plane?”
Ron: “I can fit me and you on it….”

-Mirage will be my future home. I’m staying in a pent there for my party in December and am very excited about it. I enjoyed the gambling. Great BJ for $10 all times of day, and a S17 $25 DD game during off hours. Poker room was decent to play in but not very busy when I was there at 10 am. I ate at Carnegie and California Pizza and was very happy with both. Bartop VP was bad though.

-Saw an older guy hit a slot machine at 4 Queens for $1.6 mil. That would almost pay for my education… He was still there 2 hours later trying to get his money.

-Golden Nugget has a really cool pool area for BJ. Too bad the rules suck.

-No good food to report on, but we did hit up some cool bars. Book and Stage at Cosmo makes a good place to hang out at during the day, and Bond is very fun with nice (looking) waitresses. The best of all is Hyde. This is the sweetest bar I’ve ever been in (if I remember right). 6 guys just before midnight on a Thursday walked right in. However, 6 shots of tequila and a bourbon will run you $99 and a Corona is $9. But this is Monopoly money when you’re in the right state of mind, right?

-Sorry for the 8 points instead of 7, Chuck. Or does this make 9?

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 jimmybond responded on Thursday, 16th August 2012

Nice review, thanks for taking time to post. Congrats on the purple. Carnegie deli portions are insane but delicious.

 Okie21 replied on Thursday, 16th August 2012

Thanks! I believe I'll be revisiting Carnegie, but only if I'm looking for those portion sizes.

 jimmybond replied on Thursday, 16th August 2012

I could never finish one of their sandwiches on its own, but its actually pretty good value if you go with a friend. they tack a sharing charge on the bill but it's only $6 (???), and there is so much food your $15 gigantic sandwich works out to ~$10 per person (and the sides are all large enough to share too, if you order them) which is reasonable in my book both for vegas and the quality of the meat etc.