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BEEN ON IT ! July 15-19

Last edit: CWatts26 on Saturday, 21st July 2012 12:44 pm
Last response by stevie 21st July 5:17pm

Just got back from Vegas and had a great time. Landed at 2pm Sun, with 3 friends... the weather was cloudy but warm. Took the Taxi to Planet Hollywood ( I said no " No Tunnel " please with no backlash). Checked in and got the Forrest Gump Fountain View room. Loved the room only complaint was we had trouble with our TV, but who watches TV anyway ? Headed to ABC Store to stock up, and hit The Strip. I will now just summarize some stuff we did.

- Went to Bills and saw Cook E Jarr Sun and Wed. Had a blast I suggest everyone go check him out. We also played Beer Pong at Slush Bar that kicked ass.

- Did very well Sports Betting, I went to Caesars to place all of my bets, as they were handing out free drink tickets like Candy.

- Went to MGM Grand and played Lion Share, yes I found it ! Played Sigma Derby, plus the Greyhound machine next to it, which was really fun. I've never seen it, but it was a dog racing machine similar to sigma minus the quarters.

- ate at Whopper Bar, Earl Of Sandwich, Metro McDonalds, Hidden pizza joint, Canters Deli all which were good. (except the mickey Ds)

- It was pretty busy foot traffic wise, which I thought it would be less crowded.

- We took a Taxi to Kiss Mini Golf which was a lot of fun. Pretty much across the street from Hard Rock.

- played a stupid Craps game at Caesars over by Munchbar to go, in which is a kiosk and you place your bets, then if its your turn to roll you press a red button and the dice rolls its self. Which always landed on 7.

- We also went to Mandalay Bay and watched WWE Raw. For all you pro wrestling fans, it was a pretty cool experience since it was in Vegas.

- Never made it past Ti or the Wynn. Didn't take the Monorail since it was only open til 12am.

- Downtown was fun. Played Sigma Derby at The D. The machine at MGM seems to be more loose, as far as winning goes. Had a great BJ session there as well ( started off winning my first 6 hands). Checked out The Plaza which I was impressed. Tried to play craps at Main St Station but was packed.

That's pretty much it. I was either drunk or a zombie the rest of the time. Hope this was short and sweet.

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 stevie responded on Saturday, 21st July 2012

Sounds like you had a good time, glad you enjoyed it! 5 weeks from today and counting...