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Casino Crowds

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Wednesday, 25th April 2012 5:52 am
Last response by johntree 27th April 8:22am

Since the first weekend of March, I have visited 4 different casino cities (Vegas, Biloxi, Vicksburg, Southern Indiana).

I was surprised at the very healthy crowds; a lot of people gambling at the casinos.

Are you seeing the crowds back during your casino trips?
I read in the Vegas news that more people are visiting Vegas, but less gambling.

Which of the following do you consider the reason(s) for these crowds?
1. The economy is truly getting better.
2. People are using their tax refund checks, but in a few months, crowds will be reduced.
3. People are saying “heck with the bad economic situation I am in now, I am going to gamble regardless”.
4. People are trying to get out of their bad economic situation by trying to hit the big jackpot.
5. The large crowds during my trips were just by chance.
6. Other

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 bernard1 responded on Wednesday, 25th April 2012

Speaking for vegas only, March is one of the top busiest couple of weeks for the city. NCAA March Madness, St Pats day and Spring Break( which not only effects the millions of students but parents and anyone else who makes a living in the educations system). March will always be more crowded than say Feb in vegas thats just the nature of the travel cycle. If one hadnt been to the city during March or if last time was during the dark period a couple years ago I could see how it would seem more crowded. Plus the pools open in March which gets Cali weekenders to Vegas more.

 blissfulignoramus responded on Thursday, 26th April 2012

I'm sure that increased crowds in Vegas would reflect improving economic conditions, but I would not rely on my own anecdotal observations about the crowds. In addition, it seems to me that prices have not come down, and if anything, they have gone up this year, but again, what do I know?

If casino, hotel and restaurant receipts are shown to be up, then yes, I would hypothesize that it is mostly due to improving economic conditions.

 Blakjackkid responded on Thursday, 26th April 2012

The weather has been very mild this Winter, I think it was one of the warmest on records.

 johntree responded on Friday, 27th April 2012

I go with number 3. Ithink most people are tired of all the doom and gloom and realize there is little thay can do about it so go have some fun.