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Vegas & NASCAR weekend

Last edit: wpsteel66 on Thursday, 22nd March 2012 5:27 am
Last response by stevie 23rd March 11:58am

The following are some highlights of my Vegas trip March 8 (evening) thru 12 (morning) for NASCAR weekend.

Hotel: NYNY….nothing more to say than what Chuckmonster already said in his review but my room was a bit larger in size…. I was solo this trip and thought the room was comfortable and met my needs… had a room on the 22nd floor and nice view of the strip… I would return to this hotel again if I was on a solo trip again…. Fitness center was not all that great…. 10 cardio machines plus some weight machines….the fitness room was small and kinda crowded…view outside was of the pool and parking garage… had to pay $10 extra for sauna, whirlpool, refreshments (juice, bottled water, fruit)... I used the fitness center each day since I paid for this in my daily resort fee… but for $25 per day Aria fitness center is so much better (no comparison)… for those interested in the distance, I jogged outside Friday morning from NYNY up to Fashion Mall on the west side of the strip, crossed the bridge at Wynn/Palazzo and down the east side of the strip and crossed back to NYNY via Tropicana/Excalibur bridge.. according to my Nike+ GPS app, distance was 4.25 miles.

Casinos: NYNY, Monte Carlo, Aria, Planet Ho, Encore… all had good craps tables and dealers… I had an enjoyable time at each casino… I had a really good session at each place… overall had really good craps play… at times during this trip, the craps tables were packed and no available spots to play.

Restaurants: Sunday night ate at Gonzalez and Gonzalez Mexican in NYNY...service was quick…but dinner portion was really small…not much on the plate to satisfy my hunger… for lunch on Friday I had pizza at Sirrio’s in NYNY; pretty good as usual… Ate the all-you-can-eat pasta at America Friday night…it was worth it and not able to finish the second serving. Saturday night I had dinner at Wynn Country Club Steakhouse with my brother (who is on one of the NASCAR teams)…atmosphere was nice and calm (since this restaurant is out of the way)…I tried the veal porterhouse…was like eating a pork chop…overall a restaurant I would try again.

NASCAR: Sunday’s crowd was the largest I seen in the past 4 years…but not a complete sell-out; still some sections with empty seats…weather at the track is not the same as on the strip…yes, sunny and low-70’s but the wind at the track can be strong and make the day unpleasant if you are not prepared…I saw many people with jackets on by the end of the race…at times the wind was pretty strong, but did not ruin the day for me…

Other: I visited the Car Museum at Imperial Palace Friday afternoon…I am not a huge car enthusiast, but I did feel the admission price ($9, but paid with Total Rewards credits) was worth it… they had a nice collection of rare and unusual cars… The airport was really busy Monday morning…but security line moved and thru security without delay and hassle…seating areas were full of people…our flight left on time and no incidents.

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 bd9902 responded on Thursday, 22nd March 2012

I remember going to races in 2006-2008 and it was completely sold out. I think they even added temporary sections to the grandstand to accommodate the crowds.

 stevie responded on Thursday, 22nd March 2012

I live just a few miles from the Bristol track, where they raced last weekend. They sold out for something like 15 years in a row until a few years back (160,000 seats). From what I saw on TV, the stands were maybe 2/3 full. That's a lot of empty seats. Of course, it's not the same Bristol track that it used to be.

 wpsteel66 replied on Friday, 23rd March 2012

Personally, I never liked watching the Bristol race when the racing style was all the cars play follow-the-leader in a train-fashion. Plus this type of racing lead to multiple wrecks with 150+ laps of caution. More cars were damaged at the Bristol race (IMHO) than at Dega and Daytona.

Even though a lot of empty seats, still over 90,000 people in the stands, more than other tracks and sporting events. Maybe Bristol needs to think about what other tracks are doing; cover up the upper decks and ‘concentrate’ the seating so less seats are empty throughout the place.
Talladega has done this with seats on the extreme ends of the front stretch. I can mention other tracks that have covered seats that were built during the peak of this sport.

Does Bristol allow fans to bring in drinks and food? This track is owned by Burton Smith. He also owns the Vegas track and allows only UNOPENED bottles of water to be brought into the track. No other beverages or food allowed. Thus you have to pay $7 for a beer, $5 for a Coke, $4 for a water, and other high priced items. Maybe that could be another reason fans are not buying Bristol tickets if he does not allow fans to bring in any concessions. Other tracks allow fans to bring in their own food and drink.

 stevie replied on Friday, 23rd March 2012

You can bring your own concessions to Bristol. They stopped it for a few races after 9/11, but it's back to the way it used to be. As for the racing, I also think it's exciting seeing them go 3 wide, but most people evidently don't. I think the majority of the race fans want to see the old style short track racing the way it was from the beginning. Bruton has already promised major changes, including possibly putting the track back exactly like it used to be, but I don't think a final decision has been made yet. With the current track configuration, I really doubt that they will ever sell out again, even the night race, no matter how much the economy may (or may not) improve.