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Halloween Weekend Nightlife: Douche Free Edition*

Last edit: Stosh on Thursday, 3rd November 2011 5:02 pm
Last response by jinx73 4th November 8:06am

Well, not totally douche free, but I'll get to that in a moment.

DW and I flew in early thursday on Southwest without event. Talked our way into an upgrade at Hertz even though we had booked through priceline, which netted us a Quest. Didn't get to put the van through the paces as I like to, but it served as far as making us look like responsible citizens, and it was big and comfy, so, well enough.

Flamingo had no acceptable rooms available at 11am, so we hit the grocer for some rum, honeybuns, and V8. Was glad to see that the Neon Boneyard is ever improving, and scoped out the parking situation downtown so I'd be better prepared for any moonlight haze confusing our eventual return. Checked in at Flamingo and was given our usual strip view Go Room high in the south tower. I'm always emotionally ready for the less than stellar view of Caesars through a wrap facing west, but we ended up with a fabulous view of Bellagio/Cosmo/Paris.

Flamingo has made many changes in the last 12 months, and I was most pleased they have banished kids to the smaller upper pool, and replaced the 80's pop that blares through the pool and courtyard with House music remixes of 80's pop. I love me some Hall and Oats, but they sounded a little more fun with some lounge style beats backing them up. The new 'Casino' at Margaritaville, while tiny, is a welcome addition and the relative seamlessness with which it anchors the corner bodes well for the future of Linq; if they are going to be slicing up the properties and making them blend together at the same time, I think they are off to a great start.

Went to Bond at Cosmo thursday night and found it to be an awesome alternative to Caramel, Tabu and the like. Better drink menu + less douches = win. We have been trying to get to Revolution Lounge at Mirage for years, and finished up there thursday night as they were spinning hiphop with no cover after midnight. Crowd was mixed and fun, and the place has a nice flow even when it's packed.

Friday night we brought out the costumes and went downtown to check out Goldiggers. Cool view, and their $100 minimum table service on a busy weekend was still seemingly worth it, as people were actually ordering what they wanted instead of being roped into a single bottle of Paramount Vodka like you see elsewhere. Not a world class night club experience, but a very unique spot, if even just for the view. Cute little waitress introduced us to a nice couple at the best table, and while I offered to split the cost, his wife was having NONE of my act, so we hit the road. I have used independent nightclub promoter Chris Hornak for years ( ) with good results, so we walked right onto the elevator at Palms for Moon around midnite on friday. Her for free, me full price with no waiting, is about as good as any of the clubs regularly offer, and the lack of doorman hassles or 'greasing' makes it a worthwhile deal, for vegas nightlife anyway. My lovely bride was groped by some TrollDouche for the second year in a row, but at least we're learning; this years new costume is slightly less slutty.

The Go-Room came in handy Sat/Sun as we barely left the room either day. Ordered room service 2x, and everything was delicious. The hand cut chicken strips are very good, and the burger was served on an awesome egg-bun. A $10 green salad was massive and fresh. Will likely be ordering in more often in the future as the $5 delivery fee was more than made up for in time and energy not spent.

Tried to eat at Serendipty3 at Caesars but the wait for a table was a sucker play; so we went around back, ordered at their take-out window and took it to the open seating 10 feet away near the SpiegelTent. Peanutbutter Frozen Hot Chocolate was all it's cracked up to be, and the 12" Jalapeno Nacho Dog & some crazy ass Jalapeno Pretzel were a spicy compliment to the drink.

Saturday night we had tix for LouieCK at Pearl, which is a nice concert venue, but they got caught with their pants down at the bar not realizing people don't wander out for drinks as during a rock show; 25 minute wait for a drink before the show was a vibe killer. LouieCK is obviously at the top of his game right now, so if you like blue humor, hit him up where you can. Not wanting to suffer fools at midnight on Halloween saturday, we went straight to AirBar atop The Strat for some laid back fun. Great drinks and a killer view (fountainbleu be damned), with no cover/tower charge because we were going to AirBar makes this lounge a good option. Finished the evening at Peppermill's Fireside, which truly stands the test of time.

Sunday broke as our last full day, so we could barely be bothered to move. Did make it over to Hash House a Go Go @ IP. No wait around 5pm, & the fresh squeezed juice and Chicken Farm Benedict were right on time. Would definitely go back.

Sunday night I tearfully put on my final costume, and we drove the 12 minutes to check out Chateau's Terrace. Weary of lines or other headaches, I contacted a host to make things run smooth. I can't say if it was necessary as the Chateau Terrace is actually just their Beer Garden at night, but some people WERE paying $$$ for a table, while many more were just enjoying overpriced drinks with a commanding view like we were. Drove over to Palms again, this time for Ghostbar. The lines were really bad, even with the guestlist, so I flagged down N9 group host Phil Loomis, who was able to walk us in without hassle, and again without a bribe. Palms nightlife is still as good as new, and they really hold their own against the folks at Wynncore. Just make sure the Mrs. doesn't have her goodies all out for the groping.

One last stop before sleep on our agenda: Lance Herbstrong at Chandelier. We had walked around Cosmo enjoying the design our first night in town, and I'd checked their lounge music schedule weeks before, so we knew finishing up the trip this way was perfect. Great vibe at Chandelier, with such gorgeous sightlines, and Herbstrong's DJ with guitar/drums/cheerleader dude lineup sounded great in person. High quality booking by the Cosmo talent buyers right there.

Many of us have seen the vegas nightlife scene change from fun lounges with motown or disco, to the Jersey Shore Style Douchebaggery found up and down the strip in the big box nightclubs of today. At $400 a person, and with more and more on the way (Aloha, Fontana Lounge!), I don't suspect that tide will ebb for quite some time. But if you look around, both in plain sight or in the shadows, you can still find that old school vegas nightlife, even if it's a little less familiar.

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 jinx73 responded on Friday, 4th November 2011

Enjoyed your report, I liked how you took advantage of some of the under used night spots (Airbar and Gold Diggers) to avoid lines and huge crowds and let you still get a feel for night life in Vegas.