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New plaza rooms

Last edit: gumball1963 on Saturday, 10th September 2011 8:55 am
Last response by MEMO1 11th October 12:48pm

I have read bad reviews of the Plaza renovation. Has anyone stayed in the new rooms. Looking for a inexpensive hotel in January ,guys only long weekend.

Please help

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 Chuckmonster responded on Saturday, 10th September 2011

Was my review of the Plaza a bad one? I'd recommend it.

Read it

 VegasDean responded on Sunday, 25th September 2011

Just stayed there last week...never will again. I don't really know where to begin.

First off I did not get the room I booked. The room I did get was a bit like a jail cell except for the cut rate bought from auction furniture. One piece of art in the whole room. The room was supposed to have a Freemont street view. The windows were so dirty, the only way I new it was on the Freemont street side is the huge amount of noise that was coming from down below. The only thing that would drown out the noise was the wheezy asthmatic AC, which incidently also drowned out the T.V. (just as well the t.v. kept cutting out every 20 or 30 seconds anyway)

No Ironing board or Iron, or hair dryer. There was no dust ruffle on the bed, not even a do not disturb thingy for the door. There is no way to turn the reading light off from the bed. I Literally had to crawl under the desk to plug in my computer and cell phone. Speaking of cell phone... terrible reception (Verizon) not really the Plaza's fault I suppose. Never was able to purchase WiFi, the web site for some reason only took PayPal.

Apparently, there is a "one a day" allowance for those plastic wrapped disposable cups, because they were never replaced. Oh yeah,you'd better like your scotch "neat", because while they do give you an ice bucket, there are no ice machines on any of the floors. You either have to go to one of the casino bars to get ice, or you have to try room service, unfortunately room service does not answer, so I had to traipse to the casino with my ice bucket in hand. And no, the casino bars do not have ice buckets at the bar, so you can't pick one up on the way in.

Also, whoever picked out the piped in aroma should be summarily let go. Don't like the Venetian's stench? This is way worse. Best I can describe it is a 70's aftershave on a sweat stained just lost two months wages and have to tell the wife sort of vibe. Really, it is that bad...

Also, park on as low a level as possible, because one parking elevator is not working at all, and the other is spotty at best.

On the bright side, the employees were friendly, lot's of hot water for the shower.

 MEMO1 responded on Tuesday, 11th October 2011

I stayed there in mid September and loved it, great room, great "new" casino, great lobby , damn! it was just great to see the "old" Plaza back in such a great way. Yes, there are still little things that need to be finished, but it was a great experience overall.
Go ahead, enjoy the Plaza before they turn it into a dump again.