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Labor Day at Aria

Last edit: rowEn on Thursday, 8th September 2011 2:19 pm
Last response by rowEn 9th September 4:08am

Having read the suggestions for formatting...

The quick and the dirty, because I can't remember what I ate, what time I went to the bathroom, or how much I spent each hour. Alcohol might have been involved...that said, here we go:

1. The hotel. Stayed at Aria in a corner suite comped all four nights. It was nothing short of amazing and the service we got everywhere in the hotel was very courteous, prompt, and efficient. View overlooked the Cosmo pool (and hence, the nightclub there) but it didn't bother us too much. I actually missed the thumping the night we came home! 23rd floor, room 125 I the end!

2. Neon Boneyard Tour. Get Jen as a guide! She was awesome, knew so much about the signs and Vegas history in general. Gave ample time for pictures, too! Be warned, there is no bathroom there yet, so be prepared and arrive with an empty bladder Bring your own water, too! They are a non-profit, so tip them, too!

3. BC Flightlines Tour. Oh. Mah. Gawd!!! We absolutely LOVED doing this tour, our guides, the three guys that were in our group...everything! When we go back we'll go on one of the night flights just to have a completely new experience. If you are considering this, GO! No really, GO GO GO!

4. ScootCity Tour of Red Rock. I bought this with a 50% off coupon on Groupon. Not sure I would pay 100% full price, but if you can find 15-25% per person, it would be a great deal and a lot of fun. If you are two broad-shouldered folks, you'll have to figure out how to position the passenger so that the driver can drive unencumbered. NOT a lot of room in the scooter, so please don't take backpacks and large purses!! Hell, don't even take a large camera bag! Everything you bring will be shoved down in the small area for your feet, and there is already a cooler there with your ice/water for your scooter. The guides were very nice, always offering to take photos and impart extra nuggets of information when you were talking with them.

5. Food. This was not a foodie trip for us, as much as I might have wanted it to be. On Fri and Sat the heat took too much out of me and we had room service. Both orders very well prepared and exactly what we ordered and hot when it reached the room. Last night we hit up Julian Serrano at Aria and had 4 different tapas plates. All were very well done and a nice house pinot noir as well. All other meals were at places like SkyBox or the like, which was more than adequate to just feed us some food

6. Gambling. (Yes, I made you all read down this far for the good stuff!) Hit two different $700+ jackpots on slots, one at Aria and the other at Cosmo trying to lose my $100 (we gamble as a team). John played and won a few hundred at craps our last night in town and came back to the room with over $700 (He was JohnnyB!!! at the craps table that night, he had an absolute ball!) All in all, we had $1800 in gambling money at the start, and came home with $1200 ($200 of which is an uncashed voucher!) so that is back in the bank as seed money for March Madness. Doubled my points with Mlife and we're solid Gold now, so I'm happy.

No shows, no pool this trip (friend couldn't come in for a night from San Diego, so debauchery ensued) but still, when we looked at each other the morning we were packing to go home, we both said how much we enjoyed this trip. Huge success!

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 jinx73 responded on Thursday, 8th September 2011

congrats on the wins, always makes a trip better to come home with 75% of the gambling budget.

 rowEn replied on Friday, 9th September 2011

Thanks! Yes, I just consider it seed money for the next trip :) Not planning on going until March Madness. Will have to see what all is planned between this board and VMB (imagine there is some bleed-over?) Got a little confuzzled when someone on TA considered it not a winning trip because we'd lost $600 during our trip. Really? I was willing to leave almost 2K and came home with more than we were thrilled!

Can't wait for our next trip...wish I could fly in for the VT gathering but airfare from here is absolutely frightful (hooray for living in THE most expensive city to fly out of! yay!)