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Back to the MC (Monte Carlo) 10-13 July 2011

Last edit: thefoodandi on Sunday, 24th July 2011 11:36 pm
Last response by thefoodandi 25th July 11:18pm

I drove in to LV on Sunday and arrived mid-afternoon, about 3:30 p.m. I had to wait in line at least half-an-hour. For some reason at the next line over, people in that line got checked-in way faster. Go figure.

Whenever I come to Las Vegas, I just eat my way through the different resorts, when I'm not playing the slots.

For Sunday dinner, I went to DOCG @ The Cosmo for some pasta. I was told that the exec chef @ DOCG seems to know how to cook more authentic Italian pasta than the chef over at Scarpetta. The semolina pasta with sausage and
porcini mushrooms was pretty good, with the saausage/mushroom sauce a bit overseasoned for me. I definitely tasted the freshness of the pasta. After dinner, I headed on back to the Monte Carlo and had a rum flight over at Andre's. Several months ago, I had a wonderful tasting menu @ Andre's but didn't have time to try some rum from their collection. Apparently, Andre's has a cigar & spirits room upstairs for those who want to smoke and/or imbibe. That night, the rums I was tasting were:

Rhum Trois revieres 1977 (agricole)
Appleton Reserve
Appleton 12 year
Rhum de Sa Majeste, Napoleon

I liked the Appleton 12 year the best, followed by the Sa Majeste, Napoleon.

On Monday, I had lunch over at Milos @ The Cosmo. For $20.11, they serve a three-course lunch with appetizer, entree and dessert. It is the best bargain on the Strip! If you're into fresh seafood, Milos is the place. The fish gets shipped in fresh from Greece and they display them all forthe diner to see. Milos is one of the more expensive restaurants on the Strip, but that lunch special for $20.11 is worth a try.

I didn't have dinner that night. I was busy with one penny-slot machine where I hit it big (for me). I was down to my last 30 cents on this Chinese-themed slot machine at the Cosmo. Eventually, I won over $500!! For me, that was huge! Hopefully, I'll work my way up to the $5 machines and Megabucks!

I heard from one of my LV friends that the new exec chef over at Beijing Noodle No. 9 @ Caesar's used to be the head chef over at China Mama, a local Chinese restaurant near Spring Mountain Road. Cucumber salad, XLB soup dumpling, and Beijing-style noodles with pork sauce. Normally, I don't go to Las Vegas to eat Chinese food, since I live in Los Angeles and Chinatown is a 15-minute drive for me. The food wasn't bad, and the prices were definitely LV Strip prices. If you don't mind driving off the Strip to Spring Mountain Road, you can eat really good Chinese food for about half the price.

It has been a long while since I ate at Sensi @ Bellagio. Chef Martin Heierling is one of the most underrated chefs along the Strip. Even though Chef Martin was European trained, he knows the subtleties and nuances of Asian cuisine. My appetizer was a burrata salad and my entree was the pork chop Milanese.

Before I headed back to LA, I had brunch at the Wicked Spoon @ The Cosmo. I've eaten there several times. The quality of the buffet food is very good. The price was very affordable for lunch at under $25. I would rate the Wicked Spoon right up there with the buffets over at Bellagio and the Wynn.

And I drank their house-made ginger ale. Still great as usual.

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 jinx73 responded on Monday, 25th July 2011

I didn't know Andres offered rum flights, thanks for the heads up on that, sounds like a good trip.

 thefoodandi responded on Monday, 25th July 2011

The house-made ginger ale is available at Sensi Restaurant.

Yes, Andre's has rum, cognac and other spirits. Chef Andre Rochat has a very nice collection which he started decades ago and he keeps the prices based on what he purchased at the time, instead of current market value. The room is somewhat small, accommodates about 12-15 people with all of its couches, chairs and tables. Quieter and more intimate than Casa de Fuente over at the Forum Shops. Give the restaurant a call for more details.