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Bellagio - really that good?

Last edit: missmonkay on Thursday, 25th January 2007 1:27 am
Last response by Halton 13th March 8:42pm

I am both somewhat ashamed and somewhat proud that I haven't stayed at the Bellagio yet. I know that everyone always votes it as the best in Vegas, but I can't see how that could be possible.

While the Wynn is the only one of the 'Big Boys' on the strip that I have stayed at, I can't see how anything could be better. I have had the food at the buffet at the Bellagio and it wasn't awesome, despite everyone saying it is. The decor, outside of the entry masterpiece, is a little on the tacky side. I do admit that the consevatory is cool, however.

But really, based on all the fleury accents, can it be that awesome? Really? Really?

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 Samoan4Eva responded on Saturday, 27th January 2007

Bellagio is the best hotel handsdown.

It beats Wynn easily. The rooms at the Bellagio are the most comfortable and the definition of luxury.

You should really give it a try. I think you will leave Wynn after trying it once.

 Chuckmonster replied on Sunday, 28th January 2007

Bellagio is great, that is a fact. Whether or not it will retain its luster in direct competition from Wynn Las Vegas over the long-term remains to be seen. The big question is how the City Center project is going to stand in comparison to both Wynn & Bellagio when it opens.

 booze responded on Sunday, 28th January 2007

bellagio's hotel and food are excellent. the buffet is so-so, but the big problem i have at bellagio is the gambling is either tight or over priced. good luck making a hundred bucks last more than 5 minutes on their slot machines.

 missmonkay replied on Monday, 29th January 2007

See? That has been my experience as well. At least at the Wynn, I have been able to make a $100 last a while. Mind you , this could just be my luck of the draw but honestly, gambling at the Bellagio - without the high rollers bankroll, at least - is hard, y'all.

 stevewynn responded on Sunday, 28th January 2007

I built both Bellagio and Wynn Las Vegas and I can tell you that hands down, Wynn Las Vegas is head and shoulders above Bellagio. If you don't agree, you should come visit.

 tdinka replied on Monday, 29th January 2007

^^Free stay?

 MrsRoyHorn responded on Tuesday, 6th February 2007

I like the Bellagio, but I prefer the Wynn. The Wynn is secluded (if you can call it that), elegant and sexy. It reeks of class and money. The Bellagio doesn't have that air about it anymore. I still love the museum and the stained glass flowers though. I'm putting my money on Steve!

 Sandee responded on Tuesday, 6th February 2007

Forget Bellagio and Wynn. All the action is at Palms.

 vegasvics responded on Wednesday, 14th February 2007

I have stayed in suites at both Bellagio and Wynn (and Mirage and Venetian and MGM and THE Hotel and a few others). Wynn is far and away superior. I still gamble and drink in Bellagio occasionally, but there is only one place I'll stay.

 MinVegas responded on Thursday, 1st March 2007

Bellagio is the superior hotel, IMO. The casino is not as generous to the player who isn't well loaded with cash, and it's also not as state of the art as the newer place, but that's the comparisons in favor of Wynn end.

You know that really nice Tower Suites area of Wynn? That's the part of Wynn the hotel that compares evenly with Bellagio if you asked me. Personally, I find the decor of Wynn (outside of tower suites) pretty hard to swallow, myself.

However, my money is that CityCenter will likely pulverize the both of them.

 Halton responded on Tuesday, 13th March 2012

I'm curious as to what your opinion is these days. Wynn is no longer the new kid on the block and Bellagio has fresher rooms now. Wynn no longer gives you Red card points for playing video poker. Wynn doesn't even comp drinks while playing at the video poker bar. Hell, you think getting a comp at Bellagio is hard, try Wynn these days!

 donnymac66 replied on Tuesday, 13th March 2012

When did they stop red card points for VP? I received points in December

 Halton replied on Tuesday, 13th March 2012

I admit I haven't seen it first hand, but my friend told me they put little stickers on all the VP machines saying you don't earn points. Perhaps it is just the machines at the bar and not on the general floor.

For those keeping track, all mlife properties added a similar sticker to all "Push the Button" electronic craps games (the ones with the huge bouncing dice in the center). Someone was asleep at the switch when they rolled out those games and there was nothing preventing a person going with a friend and one betting $250 (max bet) on the pass and the other betting $250 on the no pass. When one player went broke, split the winnings and start over. With only a 1/30 chance of both players crapping out on the come out roll only, a shit ton of express comps could be had (you earned express comps as if the machine was a slot instead of a table game when it first came out). Of course, I don't know anyone who did this prior to the stickers being added...but it took them about 45 days to figure it out.