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Lucky Dragon Taking Reservation

Last edit: chesteronriver on Sunday, 23rd October 2016 6:47 pm
Last response by GreenSideUp 26th October 12:03am

Earlier this month the Lucky Dragon website started taking reservations. Opening day is still scheduled for Saturday, Dec 3rd. Rates for opening weekend are $888/night (ouch!). But as with anything new and only 200 rooms, they may get that. Initially the lowest rates were $188/night and were the usual Sun-Wed nights of weeks that did not have much going on. Now I see for some nights in Feb, the rate has dropped to $99/ we're talking! The basic room picture is the same as it has been, but more detailed pictures are scarce, so I hope that don't cut any corners at the last minute to save money. The restaurants and casino still look interesting.....but just won't know the vibe until you get in there.

My next Vegas trip is late January but staying with a large group of friends center strip.....could not afford the rates that weekend anyway. I will definitely make the trek up the strip to see this place....maybe monorail to SLS and walk across the intersection and past Allure.....never been drawn to SLS but now that I can pick off two with one trip, I will do it. I guess that is what SLS hopes for, as the northern end (very) slowly gets developed. If I don't like what I see, I can eat at The Golden Steer for the first time in thirty years.

I am looking forward to this and hope that Lucky Dragon can find its niche/ be successful. It is the first new place on the Strip (well almost on the Strip) since Cosmopolitan I think. It will be interesting to see how they handle the challenges they face......location, location and perhaps overhead. I hear the neighborhood behind (to the north) is pretty rough and as far as stroll-ins, well they would have to come from SLS and maybe Stratosphere & CC. A few others will come from people like me, who like to walk and want to see new things. I understand they are aiming for a specific demographic but if they loosen up the payouts compared to the Strip, they might be able to gain a following pretty quickly. Perhaps at least match Downtown gambling. Nothing kills a Vegas resort quicker than a dead casino and eateries with the gates down.

I am hoping soon after the doors open, a certain thorough reviewer will decide to give the place a very early once over. He can leave his J-cam at home since this place is so new, right?

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 levans responded on Sunday, 23rd October 2016

The rates area bit high considering the location. It will not get any foot traffic at night. The streets are too dark and people won't feel comfortable walking around that area at night. The bulk of their walk in crowd will come from SLS and Stratosphere but that may not be enough. I would wander in there to check the place out once it opened but only in the daytime.

 parchedearth replied on Monday, 24th October 2016

I agree that Sahara at night has been a sketchy area to walk. However, I am hopeful the addition of Lucky Dragon to SLS, Walgreens, Allure, Golden Steer, Artisan, and Palace Station will eventually make that stretch much safer.

 n580564x replied on Monday, 24th October 2016

Yes! This area reminds me of the pre downtown rejuvenation of last 5 years. It used to be a sketchy walk from El Cortez to Freemont street experience, I once had a lady of the night approach me while standing next to my wife and daughter! There used to be crack heads and dealers everywhere, now it's a pretty safe walk. There needs to be better lighting first off. Second a more visible police precense and enforcement of the the law to push out those sketchy characters. last off the city's commerce department has to come up with some way to bring in desirable buisnesses like they did in downtown (hip upscale bars and restaurants are a must). If these things happen watch out! Especially once the new resorts world opens it's doors.

 levans replied on Monday, 24th October 2016

I went past the Walgreen's it was dark as well. If they streets were lit better people would feel more comfortable walking in that area. The space between SLS and Circus Circus is especially dark and creepy.

 GreenSideUp responded on Wednesday, 26th October 2016

According to some television techs I spoke with at work (who installed Lucky's TVs), they are actually opening earlier, on November 17 or so, with a soft opening on November 8. I ask them how the rooms looked and they replied they weren't finished yet. They did say as you enter the hotel ALL you see is red everywhere. FWIW.