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Should I use a MyVegas comp for free 9-hour tour of Laughlin

Last edit: anawas on Saturday, 15th October 2016 8:25 pm
Last response by anawas 9th November 11:20pm

I have a 10,000-chip voucher for a 9-hour tour of Laughlin. Should I use it?

Voucher (worth $19 if I book it directly online) covers the 1-hour Gray Line bus ride each way plus 6 hours of me exploring the city's casinos on my own. Not sure if I'm eligible for the offered $5 food voucher, since I'm already a member of (some) Golden Nugget 24K club(s).

PROS: Seeing actual water (the city is on the Colorado River); better gambling conditions; something new to see; "free show tickets with all tours"; new rewards clubs to join (though, aside from eating at any free buffets, when would I get back there?).

CONS: Very early boarding time; I'd have less time to day-drink in Vegas; trip consumes almost all day(light) on a Friday; not available on a Thursday; "our drivers provide live narration"

Finally, if you don't have any opinions, at least you can enjoy some epic "winning" clenched-fist gambler photos here:

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 jucifers responded on Sunday, 16th October 2016

It depends on what you like. Laughlin is a good alternative to Las Vegas if you're interested mainly in side trips to see the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Route 66, old mining towns and the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City.

Laughlin is more laid back than Las Vegas, slower moving, more country, an older crowd and popular with the RV crowd. If you love nature and have grown to appreciate the beauty of the desert, Laughlin might be right for you.

If you can't make it to Las Vegas during the week when flights and rooms are cheaper, Laughlin offers inexpensive weekend flight-room packages. Here's the link:

Here are some boating activities:

Here are some day trip tours from Laughlin:

Other activities in Laughlin, golf and horseback riding:

 VegasRateRedditor responded on Sunday, 16th October 2016

I love Laughlin, but there's nothing there worth being committed to for 9 hours if you're staying in Vegas.

 Drake responded on Monday, 17th October 2016

If you're going to spend a full day, rent a car yourself so you can get around and see the sights when you've had enough of Laughlin. It's worth it. Drive to Oatman AZ, a neat old mining town with "wild" burros roaming around town, and then take Rt 10 (Oatman Highway) through the pass towards Kingman AZ.

That's the old Rt 66 and that particular stretch is very scenic. It's hard to believe it was once "the" highway for folks heading west. The last time I drove through there were still a few old boarded up roadside motels and gas stations on the Kingman side of the pass, the kind that made Rt 66 famous back in the day. Cool stuff.

There are other things to see near Laughlin (which I haven't) but you get the point. A 9-hour bus junket like that, you're trapped. Unless you're gambling (and there WILL be plenty of $5 tables to make your budget stretch all day, if that's what you want), there's a good chance you'll end up sitting on your ass for hours just waiting for the return bus to Vegas. That's been my "bus junket" experience.

 jucifers responded on Monday, 17th October 2016

I agree with Vegasrateredditor and Drake, a bus junket is a terrible way to experience Laughlin. You won't have enough time to experience the side trips that make Laughlin a worthwhile trip.

Caesars/Harrah's also offers chartered flight/hotel deals to Laughlin:

 Blonde4ever responded on Monday, 7th November 2016

Hi there.
I did this exact tour in May.

I think it was a fun thing to do, something different, but then my trips are usually 10 days long. I am not sure I would do it if I had a short amount of time.

The drive there was more like 90 minutes because we had time to watch an entire Jim Carrey movie. There was no narration. As a matter of fact I wrote to them after and told them that they were missing the please give us a map of Laughlin (Not Vegas) and to please give us some Laughlin info during that 90 minutes we are trapped on the bus.

They gave us a coupon book when we arrived for discounts off food etc in the Gold Nugget. I did not bother to waste time going to the Player's Club at the GN..I just took off walking down the Riverwalk.

I made it back to my hotel around 8:30 pm but I was also the first to be dropped off.

My whole day is here.....

 anawas replied on Wednesday, 9th November 2016

That's an excellent write-up and serves as a nice counterpoint to others who say it's not worth the bus trip.

I also have a one-day car rental now, so it might be something I tackle by car instead of by bus. Or it's a reason to visit Vegas/Nevada again in the future.