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Last edit: tholdren on Monday, 10th October 2016 6:42 pm
Last response by motoman 19th October 3:31am

1. Staying at the Flamingo - what can i expect?

2. weather in the beginning of november

3. best tattoo parlor

4. Best Live Blues/Jazz Bar

geared up and ready for my 4th trip to vegas.

Previous Stays: TI, Palazzo, Monte Carol, Golden Nugget

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 anawas responded on Monday, 10th October 2016

1) Never stayed at Flamingo, but I get the sense from reviews on this site and others that your room is probably 1 step below what you experienced at Monte Carlo and Golden Nugget. The casino and common spaces are of a vintage similar to the old parts of the Nugget (1980s!). But you will have good access to Cromwell, Caesars, the Linq, and Bellagio. And some of the Flamingo's flamingos are a good way to kill an hour.

2) Almanac/Google the weather. (I'll be doing the same for my mid-November Vegas visit.)

3) Yelp might help you find a good tattoo place.

4) Recommend catching happy-hour jazz at Mandarin Oriental's top-floor bar. Not cheap but amazing views.

 Drake responded on Tuesday, 11th October 2016

From Palazzo to Flamingo? Oh boy…

Flamingo has its funky charms for sure, but the rooms may be kinda hit or miss. Same with the weather; if you're lucky it will be warm enough to hang at the pool but it can go both ways that time of the year. I had pool weather on Halloween the last time I visited in Fall, but just barely.

Great location, though. As for jazz and tattoos, can't help you with that.

 jucifers responded on Tuesday, 11th October 2016

Most Vegas hotels close their pools after the first weekend in October. If you're planning to hang out by the pool, you should call Flamingo to confirm their pool is open. Also, last I heard, Flamingo has two pools: a crappy pool that's free for guests and a nicer pool that is open to the public for an admission fee north of $20 per person. You should call Flamingo, if you're looking forward to spending time by the pool.

If you're up early on Sunday, Wynn Country Club hosts a jazz brunch from 10 am to 2 pm. If you're interested, you should call and ask about the dress code and reservations. Wynn is one of the last hotels in Las Vegas that takes their dress code seriously.

 brewmill responded on Tuesday, 11th October 2016

Jucifers, Sorry, but Wynn has lost a lot of credibility on the "dress code" thing. Took my daughter to Wynn for her 21st in August. We had a great meal at the Wynn Steakhouse, but unfortunately saw way too many people wearing shorts and t-shirts for our comfort! She was wearing a nice dress and I had a suit sans tie. Very disappointing, but I guess if you're a big enough roller they let you in...

 jucifers replied on Tuesday, 11th October 2016

Thanks for the info, brewmill. Sad news.

Just finished watching some Las Vegas Strip walk videos. It's been a few years since I walked the entire Strip. Can't believe how trashy things have gotten. You can't walk 10 feet without running into a panhandler. What's with these idiots beating on plastic buckets like they are drums?

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 19th October 2016

sorry to hear. When we were there in late 2014, at least most folks were wearing at worst "convention wear." Sad as it is, seems to be carryover from the recession when any patronage was welcomed, and Vegas' general culinary saturation. It'd be nice if they sort of segregated a "nice" section -- not to discriminate, but rather for folks celebrating special occasions. But we were there for my brother & sis-in-law's engagement (as told to Sky Suites concierge and SW host/hostess) on a very busy night , and got seated by the kitchen passageway. Got a nice group selfie with a waiter in the background hitching his pants!

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 19th October 2016

BTW re dress codes, we were denied entrance to Foundation Room at opening time, long after they'd dropped the membership requirement, when one of our party was wearing shorts. Apparently some do still take the dress code thing seriously....

 wpsteel66 responded on Wednesday, 12th October 2016

Has been about 10 years since my last (and only) time I stayed at the Flamingo...the room was 'low budget', out of date, and beat up...was not impressed by the hotel room...the casino also is worn and alot of 6:5 blackjack, but a nice selection of slots.

I cannot comment on 2 and 4. If I was to get a tattoo, I would go over to Revolt Tattoo on Paradise Road (across from Hard Rock)...this shop is owned by Joey Hamilton (one winner of Ink Master) and Sausage (final contestant on Ink Master)... the chances of getting work done by them is probably zero, but they should have great artists who may be able to get you in.

 jimmybond responded on Wednesday, 12th October 2016

good jazz on the Strip is tough to find. Depends on your taste I guess, but we once checked out the jazz night at Mandarin Oriental's bar once and were sorely disappointed - it was like elevator music cocktail jazz, not 'serious' jazz. This coming from people who have enjoyed going to the basement clubs in NYC's Greenwich Village etc.

You could check out House of BLues down at Mandalay too, I have not tried that myself.

Honestly, I think some of the best piano playing in Vegas is found at the piano bars at NYNY and Harrah's (latter 'dueling pianos'). It might not be as classy, but heck is it ever fun, and those players know a lot of tunes. Great fun times. I always thought there should be more live jazz in vegas but even the classy places like Wynn etc are more into clubs and electronica than the satisfying 'oontz' of a stand up bass.

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 19th October 2016

If you happen to *like* the smooth jazz (I guess I’m addicted after early stays at Wynn, when upon checking into your room you would be greeted by the television playing Paul Taylor’s “Ladies’ Choice” to the picture of a field of flowers — and yes I too call it “elevator music”), then I’ve seen names on the schedule way up at Aliante the likes of Peter White, Brian Culbertson, and the impossibly young and ungodly talented Vincent Ingala. Never planned a Vegas trip around a show or specific performer, and likely would not venture as far as Aliante unless really motivated.

(As for the “real” Jazz, I’m trying to learn to appreciate different genres. Just watched a “Great Performances” on PBS featuring a potpourri of different genres all on a single show. For now, it’s a good thing pot is legal in my home state to help with that particular one… ;-)

 motoman replied on Wednesday, 19th October 2016

like the House of Blues recommendation. That and Bar Mandarin might both be worth a check. If you do, tholdren, let us know what you thought!

 tholdren responded on Saturday, 15th October 2016

Thanks for the assistance. Yep - Palazzo to the Flamingo, we try to go frequently and stay at different casinos, but I will say that I liked the Nugget better than the Palazzo. I really enjoy the downtown vibe moreso than the strip.

Not planning the pool. Here for the tables, food, and Britney Spears (sp?). Hope to do a trip report this time. Nov 4-7

Friday - Harrahs The Piano Bar
Saturday Cabo Wabo Cantina - Spears Concert
Sunday - Fremont Top of the World
Monday - ?

 Drake replied on Sunday, 16th October 2016

You'll have a great time, then. The casino floor is getting that downtown "vintage" feel to it. it's a relaxed joint to hang out. I've had great times myself playing VP at Bugsy's Bar.

If I can make one suggestion, treat yourself to a breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris if weather permits. Nice place to start the day and do some people watching, and not much more expensive than the "house" cafe at Flamingo. Tasty omelets.

 tholdren replied on Monday, 17th October 2016

will check out the breakfast. Recommendation? We usually hit Mon Ami 1x for dinner each stay. I do the Roquefort every time.