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Mirage Trip Report

Last edit: Ellagio on Tuesday, 4th October 2016 10:12 am
Last response by jucifers 7th October 11:26am

After 25+ years of evolving Vegas trips, some things do stay the same. Gamble, drink, eat, repeat has been slightly modified to drink, eat, repeat, with a little gamble on the side. I think the casinos are fine with this; otherwise why would 6:5 blackjack be everywhere?

We arrived via Southwest around 7pm Friday night, having efficiently utilized every last drink ticket. One big evolution is skipping the taxi line to head into the garage and catch an Uber/Lyft. I have zero guilt here, as 80% of my LAS taxi rides have required the admonition "please no tunnel" to avoid the longhaul. Paying about half the price to get around town doesn't hurt either. Check-in was seamless at the Mirage with zero wait, which was originally troubling but by 9pm the line was substantial so I think they're OK.

A note on the Mirage - we can't seem to escape staying here. I've personally stayed at every major strip casino save 3 (NYNY, Cromwell, Linq) and love new experiences, but she keeps sucking us back in. The value proposition just keeps winning: location, pool, nice-ish rooms, friendly staff. The con of a bathroom that doesn't even fit 1 person is easily overlooked when I get weekend nights for ~$150 (tax & tags included.) And the PGP-fueled $8 Miller Lites can be bypassed across the street at Casino Royale for 2 bucks, which we did. A lot.

Friday night was Downtown night, which had a great fun vibe. Downtown delivers the party, so while we're now officially strip-dwellers, we often return to our roots to kick off the weekend. Facsimiles of AC/DC and ZZ Top played, and people watching was in full swing. We actually spent the most time near the 80s cover band as we lived on a prayer and never stopped believing.

Saturday was our traditional Vegas Tourist day, as we pulled off the full-strip walkabout - our phones claimed about 8 miles of walking. CVS & Walgreens kept us hydrated every 1,000 feet it seems, starting with water but quickly transitioning to beer. Resting up the dogs by the pool also delivered, although afternoon arrival means you gotta be aggressive in lounger acquisition, especially for any size group. The night took us to the Hard Rock for a concert; the blackjack pits didn't seem as fun as in years past, not sure why. Seems like they turned down the music or something.

Sunday football was as you'd expect. Drink tickets are hard to come by with our meager betting levels so more self-provisioning was required. I dwindled the afternoon away playing poker in Mirage's dwindling poker room. Dinner that night at Lavo in Palazzo delivered the expected over-priced-but-what-the-heck-its-vegas steak, but also has reasonable Italian dishes if you're trying to keep the price under $100pp. The nightcap at Casino Royale turned into $5 craps, mostly due to the bartender stiffening our pours with each round. I think we covered the over on drinks for the weekend with that last blast of the evening, although technically it was well into Monday when the drinking subsided. A session of Pai Gow poker was also included back at Mirage - the friendly dealers and pit kept us up probably an hour longer than we should have been. Well done, Mirage.

With two more trips on the books for the next 6 months, I'd like to say I'll be checking out new digs. However, one trip already has a safety reservation for Mirage. We will be back, old friend.

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 parchedearth responded on Tuesday, 4th October 2016

The tiny bathrooms in the regular rooms are a deal-breaker for me. I stay there when I can get the tower one-bedroom suites at a decent rate ($200). I like the 2 new center bars and the Pantry.

Mlife has been limiting the room discounts for the last year. I suspect they have been trying to push their players down strip to their other properties.

 jimmybond responded on Tuesday, 4th October 2016

thanks for taking the time to write (things are quiet around this site these days!). great review. one that makes me want to go back more than usual. seems like you did all the same highlights as my usual trips, so it's triggering that 'fun' zone in the brain. Late night Pai Gow, drinks by the pool, sunday sports was a great read, thanks.

Having been back to the mirage so much - how did you find their casino floor renos? Last time I was there (a year ago) they had a ton of stuff blocked off, were basically redoing the hub that is bordered on 3 sides by the craps pits, the party tables and 3:2 S17 double deck blackjack ($25 min - does this set of tables still exist in front of Beatles theatre?)

 Ellagio replied on Tuesday, 4th October 2016

From what I could tell the reno is all done. Still tables right there near Beatles show but I didn't notice the limits nor rules. The floor was very lively Saturday night as you would expect, and maybe even skewed slightly younger than in the past which is a good sign. (Late 40s myself, I prefer to NOT be the oldest ones in the room!)

 wpsteel66 responded on Tuesday, 4th October 2016

Thanks for posting your review...always good to read others' adventures.

I agree with you about the Mirage...there is something that keeps drawing me to the Mirage casino...I stopped by last Sunday to play for a bit but also catch up with one of the pit bosses and my host, both from my home town area...the craps tables moved again, this time across the walk way from where they were moved to after adding the center friend said the tables may move back to their original loacation near the atrium...I did not check on the BJ conditions, have a drink at the center bar, or eat at the Still, which looks interesting...the casino had many people, but still spots to play.

 Toro66 responded on Tuesday, 4th October 2016

Nice review - and update for me.

I love the Mirage - it says quintessential Vegas to me. I have stayed there a few times in years past, back when the casino was tropical, Danny Gans silver strikes were in the slots, and they had a sweet tiki bar up front. Once they de-themed the casino floor away from the Polynesian feel, the place kind of lost me. I hope someday it returns.

 jucifers responded on Friday, 7th October 2016

Still love The Mirage after all these years. Hopefully, someday MGM will restore its classic Polynesian theme.