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Strip gaming revenue down, downtown revenue up

Last edit: Drake on Sunday, 2nd October 2016 3:26 am
Last response by Danvegas 22nd December 9:22am


Gamblers not happy with PGP? It would appear so. Nearly a 15% drop on the strip for August, while DT revenue increased.

Then again, maybe MGM & CET just don't care about gaming revenue as long as total revenue is on target.

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 hail2skins responded on Sunday, 2nd October 2016

Strip gaming revenue is always volatile and as long as visitorship to the city continues to be on the uptick, I don't think the LV Blvd operators are sweating it.

However, it has been nice to see downtown gaming revenues enjoying some good times the past few years. Perhaps there are enough folks who like to gamble but don't feel like risking the chance of losing a mortgage payments over a three-day period, so they've decided to give Fremont Street a try.

 Danvegas replied on Thursday, 22nd December 2016

I concur with moving to other non strip casinos for gambling. On a typical trip, I'll have about $20k coin in. My return rates on the strip are in the 85% range, and at the station casinos nearly 95%. So if I want to actually enjoy gambling for any period of time, I have to go off strip to do it. My recent trips to Mandalay Bay (return rate of 74% on 5K coin in) and Aria (79% on 5k coin in) have been particularly bad beat downs and really sour a fun vacation. I'm not sure why the strip casinos have to be so cruel. I'm likely going to be donating my bankroll while I'm there, just let me spend some time doing instead of tossing it quickly into the burning unrelenting strip casino fire pit.

 n580564x responded on Wednesday, 5th October 2016

I'm not sure I agree with @hail2skins about this being the norm and that a 15% drop is insignificant. If the drop was 5$ or 8%, maybe I would buy it, but it is nearly 15%. I will say that another month or a quarter like this and it will show that patrons are fed up with the greedy corps that run the strip hotels and casinos. I myself have left the "glitz and glamour" as some people on this site might call it. I call it "dirty, nasty and now that I have kids, depraved" behavior. I now prefer off the strip casinos, like the Orleans, South Point and Sam's Town to name a couple. All have the amenities that my kids like, yes I take my kids on ALL vacations, such as movie theaters, bowling alley's, arcades and decent and not very crowded pools. As for my gambling I have a story I wanted to share. About 8 years ago I used to be able to gamble $15 a hand and get comped a meal or two at the local café or buffet after a couple of hours. The last few times I stayed on the strip I was told that I needed to increase my per hand amount and play longer to be able to get this comp. I felt a little upset, but did as I was told and after 4 hours nothing! I felt that the strip was no longer the place for me. I moved on to off the strip places. I recently went to visit family in Vegas, they have a place near boulder hwy, I decided to stayed at Sam's Town. Nice place, kid friendly, older crowd with lots of kids, it seemed like a great fit. On the first day there I played 21, I bet my usual $15 to $20 a hand for about 2 to 3 hours, I was suddenly approached by the pit boss and advised that he wanted to comp me 2 free buffets. I was pleasantly surprised and I told him thanks and that it would help pay for 2 of 4 family members. He asked me to wait a second and returned 2 minutes later with 2 additional tickets for the buffet. I told him that I appreciated it, he smiled and said your welcome. I bumped my betting up to $25 a hand for another hour, I called my wife and told her to meet me at the buffet line with the kids. The food was good, not Wynn or Bellagio good, but the NY strip loin was juicy and tender and the sides were tasty. last week I received an email telling me I was comped 3 free nights at any Boyd casino, I booked my 3 night stay for Sam's town. I would like any of the strip lovers to share a similar story... they won't! There are no casinos on the strip who will give you 3 free nights and 4 free buffets for betting $500 at their establishment... period. Stay off the strip or in DT, your business is appreciated and the customer service is fantastic.

 buckeyefan replied on Wednesday, 5th October 2016

Gambled about $1k over a 5 night, 3 of them comped, trip to Encore in June and was just comped another 3 nights, $300 in FREEplay, 2 show tickets, and 2 buffets. Going back in December. Doesn't get much nicer than Wynn/Encore.

 n580564x replied on Thursday, 6th October 2016

Wow! The Wynn/Encore is/are definitely nice, even though I hate them due to my last experience there in 2014, Valet refused to park my car cause he thought my 5 year old SUV was a piece of crap, Employee made me park my sons stroller outside of the lobby sliding door and security guard was rude to me when I asked for directions to the buffet, but it is nice. I would also guess you are the exception and not the rule, I have gambled at the Wynn and gambled way more than $1000 and been comped zilch. Good for you though, enjoy the trip in December @buckeyfan.

 buckeyefan replied on Thursday, 6th October 2016

Sorry you had such a bad experience, sounds like it went from bad to worse. I would hate them too if they treated me like that. I agree, I think someone screwed up, I am probably the exception not the rule, especially at my level of play.

 jucifers replied on Friday, 7th October 2016

Thanks for sharing that info, buckeyefan. Those Encore comps sound pretty good.

Would you say that Wynn is a good place to play slots? What slots do you enjoy playing? Have you won money there in the past?

 buckeyefan replied on Saturday, 8th October 2016

As good as any on the strip I guess, truth is Wynncore isn't the best place to gamble. They do have a good variety of new and old slots with a little better selection at Wynn vs. Encore. I have had some good hits at both casinos but like most people I usually give it all back. Wynn just had a multimillion dollar mega bucks winner a couple of months ago. I play pretty much everything from pennies to dollars, also play some VP, but again, Wynncore isn't the best place for low roller VP play. Hope this helps.

 hail2skins responded on Wednesday, 5th October 2016

Meh, just look at the year over year stats. March and April registered small declines, May was a significant decline, but June and July were boffo (10 and 17 percent gains compared to 2015) before the August dip. An overall 1.5 percent decline year to year over the six-month period doesn't seem like its going to cause the Strip operators to panic. But maybe Dr. Dave can lend some further insight.

 n580564x replied on Thursday, 6th October 2016

Yes, I would agree that 1.5% loss is negligible. I would wait for more data on the rest of the year since PGP was just instituted a few months back and wait to see what customers think. I know of several vegas goers that have switched from the strip to DT due to PGP. I understand that this is just antidotal, but worth tracking.

 Drake replied on Sunday, 9th October 2016

I'm checking Paris/PH rates for the same week in May that we visited last year, and they're about $30/night more this year than last year, a pretty big jump.

TR is showing me no love at all—a $3/night discount—so it does seem like they're following the Adelson "Who cares about gamblers as long as you fill the rooms" model. We'll see how the next few months unfold.

 hail2skins responded on Thursday, 27th October 2016

September numbers in......Strip up over 7 percent, downtown up 4 percent. Doesn't seem like the LV Blvd operators are hurting.