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Last edit: 4theoldman1 on Saturday, 1st October 2016 11:27 am
Last response by EnglishBill 2nd October 1:12am

Arrived in town on Sunday afternoon via Southwest Airlines after a flight from Hell sandwiched between two large-shouldered guys...Nie Wieder, Never Again! But, Vegas weather was beautiful and once ensconced at the Cromwell, (more on them later),we set exploring. First, the Cromwell is a better place to hq out of if you prefer the boutique type hotel with less noise, even Drai's is open. Bound lounge is clubby and one evening provided a small combo for a pleasant music background, pausing long and often enough for casual conversations to be heard. The wife immediately hit on a nice slot win on Cromwell's casino floor. Strolled over to Bellagio's Petrossian lobby bar for piano Great American Songbook but was somewhat disappointed that the piano-player took a break aftr every song. Played a quick round of roulette and won a few hundred bucks. Nice. Monday, we tried out Giada's restaurant upstairs and it was fantastic, in food, the open cool morning windows overlooking the Strip intersection and a wonderful wait-staff, All priced appropriately. I recommend you try their special cocktail called the "Serpico". A tad sweet but nice even at breakfast. Skipped lunch and walked around the neighborhood which includes Cromwell, Linq, Flamingo, Caesars, and the Bellagio, the latter of which was beautifully arrayed and smelled good. Monday evening did the touristy-thing with Wynn's "Showstoppers" theatre followed by dinner at Sinatra's restaurant at Encore. Oh, pre-show, the bar to post at is Allegro, nice demographic, good bartenders, great people-watching position. The show was fun the restaurant food only average but their wait-staff was wonderful so we had a good time. Only real hiccup at Sinatra's was an abundance of foreign douche-baggery whose loud and often vulgar/obscene voices could be heard throughout our visit; If I had to guess they were Eastern European/Russian. Not pleasant people. Tuesday, we headed back over to Bellagio's "Olives" restaurant to park on the terrace where we drank and dined with some friends just in-town for the day. The demographic there, both inside and on the terrace, was lovely and prosperous and I recommend Olives to everyone. Wednesday we strolled over to an interior restaurant "alley" by Linq, Flamingo and O'Shea's lined with casual eateries. Yard House was fun, good food and pleasant interior.
Egress Wed afternoon via SW back to St. Louis, this flight leg somewhat better than coming in, but just barely. All in all, for only three days, we had a good time, the weather was cooperative, the annoyances minimal, the floors generous and the hotel/restaurant staffs very good. That's all. Thank you and carry on, ha. Oh, forgot to mention, we had reservations at Paris' MonAmiGabi but canceled because of some low fools banging snare drums and puffing flutes outside on the sidewalk right in front of the restaurant. Insufferable, unacceptable, should be aggressively removed and banned.

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 wpsteel66 responded on Saturday, 1st October 2016

Thanks for posting your trip report...always enjoy reading other's adventures to help with planning my trips...I agree that The Cromwell is a really nice place, both hotel and casino...I agree on both Sinatra's and Olives...we tried Giada for dinner and were okay with this place, but will try others before returning.

 EnglishBill responded on Sunday, 2nd October 2016

Great, honest report. My sympathies for being squashed for over 3 hours.

This situation on the plane must soon be sorted out by the airlines, they must stop leaving it up to passengers to decide whether they can fit INSIDE their own seat or whether to cause a scene by complaining that another traveller is travelling IN THEIR SEAT for hours on end.
There is already a size restriction for people & baggage.
You can be asked to pop your carry on bag on/in a frame that shows if it's over size. The same must be done now with people, this will take away any personal decisions. You either fit through say a pair of vertical bars, or don't. If you don't, you are simply bigger than the seat provided & are expecting or even demanding somehow to utilise part of another person's seat.
Air travel is not the most comfortable of experiences, airlines must stop one group of travellers making it even worse for those unfortunate enough to be seated next to them.