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The Fatbastard's Trip Report

Last edit: fatbastard on Saturday, 10th September 2016 6:01 pm
Last response by wpsteel66 1st October 6:24pm

We kind of laid low this past trip - 7 nights and 8 days split between the M Resort Friday-Sunday nights over Labor Day weekend, then Monday-Thursday nights at Palazzo. First time staying at either place.

M Resort:

At check in they knew it was our anniversary. "Sara" at check in sent up a plate of chocolate covered strawberries and a nice hand written card that arrived seconds after our luggage. Nice.

I did a quick run through the casino/restaurants/pool after a couple room cocktails. It's not a big joint and I was initially concerned we might get bored before Monday. My worries were gone the next day- the place is great for a couple days of not going anywhere.

The crowd - Asians and locals clogged the casino. It was packed. Packed as in not a single seat open at the tables Saturday or Sunday night. Muzak featured a lot of excellent 60's rock/R&B up to newer stuff into the 90's. Perfect for a 40-50 something old fart like me.

Pool was awesome; you could show up any time of the day and find nice seats. Douchebag contingent was nonexistent. They might have been at the pool club thing behind the hedge but I never saw any of them. Nice again. Booze prices at the pool were regular back-at-home resort prices and not gang rape you strip prices. Sweet.

Standard room was excellent. Maintenance is keeping things up. I don't think this place gets run as hard as a strip resort - it's still got that new shiny look to it. No resort fee and they don't skimp on the amenities. Free bottled water and free weak-ass Keurig coffee in the room. Tons of little soaps and huge bottles of nice shampoo - and THE BEST shower ever. A shower head that's fierce yet soft and creates a hurricane wind from the water flow. $Rate for a holiday weekend was a reasonable $250-ish.

Overall everyone on staff was super friendly and helpful and seemed like regular folks. I have zero complaints about the place.


For a big convention resort - it was very good. Pool scene was very decent. Again the douchebag percentage was so low it's not worth mentioning. The crowd was conventioneers, European families and American mid western couples. Throw in a fair number of Japanese to the mix - young couples, and daughters with elderly mothers.

Standard rooms are large and well maintained. The toilet paper is softer than the top-shelf Charmin we keep at home. Our room was #48-920; we had a view of every strip resort from the Mirage down to South Point way off in the distance.

Our steak-at-the-bar dinner was at Carnevino. The bartender had a good banter thing going on - kept us and the others at the bar engaged in good conversation. The steak was VERY good and he didn't charge me for any of my Tanqueray and tonics.

Made it downtown for an evening. Lovely bride was fading fast from a few too many earlier rum & cokes. A pasta dinner at the D Grill fixed her up real good. Pasta was cooked perfect - tossed in olive oil with chopped asparagus and other veggies.

Under the canopy during the light show I could smell weed - as could the two cops right next to us. You could see them trying to figure out who was puffing but they couldn't. They were looking around and questioned the closest black dude but no luck. I knew all along it was Gene Simmons in a wheel chair catching a quick hit when no one was looking. His makeup and outfit were spot on.

That's all I got.

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 hail2skins responded on Sunday, 11th September 2016

Thanks for the report. I've only been able to visit the M once back around when it opened.....seemed like a cool place. Unfortunately, haven't had the chance to get back and I rarely rent cars anymore in Vegas, so probably won't get there anytime soon.

As for Venelazzo....stayed at Wynncore a couple months ago but passed thru Adelson's places a few times during random walks and to see a show (Human Nature Jukebox, which was enjoyable). Noted that Palazzo's casino still retained the stark Coast-like open barn layout, while it seemed they've done the complete opposite at Venetian, utilizing every square inch where its become quite garish. I really don't like those huge table-game machines.....they really detract from the elegance of any casinos, IMO.

 jucifers responded on Thursday, 22nd September 2016

Great trip report! Thanks for posting this.

 wpsteel66 responded on Saturday, 1st October 2016

Thanks for the report...always nice to read of resorts not in the heart of the strip...sounds like you had a great time.