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Wynn Palace site has been updated - We now have a Property Map

Last edit: apollo28 on Monday, 22nd August 2016 5:04 am
Last response by warrenslo 13th September 7:25pm

Just some quick observations

*There are two check in areas
*It has a theatre but there is no mention of any show at Wynn Palace
*There is very little convention space
*There are alot of stores. I'd say there are more store here than all the stores at Wynn/Encore las vegas combined.
*There are two check in areas. The resort doesnt seem to have a tower suites enterance.

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 Devastazione responded on Monday, 22nd August 2016

Very interesting,thank you for posting. I wonder why they skip the word " casino" to designate the gaming area,must be a Steve Wynn thing or a Macau gaming law thing.
Either way very interesting,before entering the casino you actually end up in a clusterfuck of high end retail and restaurants area no matter wich entrance you choose to pick. Speaking of wich it resembles pretty much the Las Vegas properties.

 apollo28 responded on Monday, 22nd August 2016

You know when Steve opened up Wynn he mentioned that one of the things he did wrong at Bellagio is that when you leave a high end restaurant like Le Cirque you walk right into a slot machine. Whereas with Wynn, in most cases, there is a large separation between the entrance of the restaurant and the casino.

With Wynn Palace they have continued that separation.

Another negative to Bellagio was that the check in area wasn’t central. It was off to one side of the hotel. Steve mentioned that the lobby should have been where the Fontana Bar is (now Hyde) but was prevented from doing so because of the lake in front.

With Wynn Palace, the check in area is pretty central. Its essentially the Porte Cochere and the check in desk is right there. Notice that the elevator is right beside the check in desk. It doesn’t get more central than that.

 Chuckmonster responded on Tuesday, 23rd August 2016

Elginhan sent us a ton of photos from his room at Wynn Palace Cotai immediately after he checked in. Some stunning detail in every corner, tastefully done.

Wynn Palace Cotai First Look

 Devastazione responded on Thursday, 25th August 2016

Here is another video. Again no pictures of casino,no pics in the gaming area must be seriously enforced. Notice how the sky gondolas turn all the way around the dragon's mouth as a wish of good luck.

 warrenslo responded on Tuesday, 13th September 2016

We just returned from Wynn Palace, stayed last week for 2 nights, it's a beautiful property.

We booked a Fountain Suite and upon arrival from the Wynn bus from the airport we were escorted personally to the VIP check in area (opposite the main check in desk.) A manager at the hotel welcomed us and said we were the first Americans (besides Wynn employees) to stay at the property.

The shopping mall is huge, perhaps as many as 100 stores. inclusive of most of the restaurants makes a box around the main casino (you must be 21 to enter a casino in Macau so this allows guests with kids to stay here.)

There are two check in areas each with regular and VIP, one by the ferris wheel, the other by the merry go round, you can use either side. The second floor contains VIP gaming salons and what may be future convention space. The third floor contains the pool, gym, spa (visible from the corridor) and garden villas on the roof of the casino (not visible from the corridor.)

There are two elevator banks at either apex of the tower, the middle hallway connects the two, so again you can use either. We were on the 24th floor so had access to the VIP elevators, in the elevator lobby there are 4 elevators, however upon closer inspection one of the elevators is fake. Yes, fake elevators!!

There is expansion land available on both sides of the lake, the hotel was laid out for these expansions to be able to connect directly into the main shopping "box" around the main casino. There is a theater and nightclub but they were not complete and they were still finishing the roof as of last week. The most memorable aspect is the hotel corridors, they are 10 feet wide! The service is top notch.

One complaint is that the gondola ride is too quick to enjoy a full show. Some guy on the sidewalk was giving away free Wynn Palace gondola ride tickets in front of the Venetian one evening while we were there. As of last week, the lower 7 or so floors of the hotel tower are incomplete, no furniture, but these most likely will be complete by Mid-Autumn festival. Many of those dining in the restaurants we met were Wynn employees helping to train the new hires.