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Bellagio Suite Choice

Last edit: LarryLasVegas on Thursday, 21st July 2016 6:59 pm
Last response by CabanaLife 3rd August 7:29pm

Hello fellow Vegas Trippers!

First time posting to this site; however, I've been following for a few years and love reading all of the posts and gaining a lot of insight into various topics. I am coming back to Vegas for trip #16 next April and plan on staying at Bellagio for the first time. For the past few trips, I've stayed at Cosmo (since they keep giving me free rooms), but I've decided to venture over to Bellagio since I always find myself drifting over towards that casino on all of my past trips. Debating on which room to get regarding the best overall value/experience. During the time I'll be there (with the wife this trip), the Cypress Suite is running $389/night, the Penthouse is $389/night and the Penthouse Premier Fountain View is running $479/night.

From the research I've done, I know that the Cypress Suite has a high likelihood of being a low floor suite since the higher levels are the Grand Lakeview Suites, etc. If getting a regular Penthouse Suite, I run the chance of it being in the Spa Tower v. Bellagio Tower. The Penthouse Premier Fountain View is what I'm leaning towards at this point in order to ensure a great view of the fountain, as well as ensuring being in the main tower. If anyone has stayed in any of these suites, I'd appreciate any insight as this will be my first stay at Bellagio (but surely not last). I know that all 3 options include Chairman's Lounge access and limo transfer to/from Bellagio, which seems very beneficial (feel free to chime in on that as well).

Thanks in advance for any/all input in regards to this topic. If anyone has any questions regarding Cosmo, feel free to ask as I've stayed in everything from a City Room to a Wrap-Around Terrance Suite. Big shout out to ChuckMonster for all of his reviews and insight into Vegas over the past few years I've checked out this amazing site.

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 LeoNYC responded on Thursday, 21st July 2016

I have just returned from a trip to Las Vegas and after 7 years I returned to Bellagio. I stayed at a Penthouse Premier Fountain View. I requested for a suite on the top floor but since none was available when I checked in, I was given a suite on the 30th floor but on the corner. It ended up better than other penthouses for having a slightly larger bedroom and for having a window by the tub/jacuzzi.
As for the services included, yes, the Penthouse will come with limo transfer, personal service (FD agent was waiting for me at the porte cochere), and access to not only the Chairman Lounge but also to the VIP lounge. Both lounges offer the same amenities (wine, snacks, water, etc), with the VIP lounge being a little larger and staying open till 12am - the Chairman lounge closes at 9pm.
The suites have been renovated a couple of years ago and they still look fresh and new. My only complain is the new bathroom amenities (different brand, lower quality and less variety - no shower caps, dental and shaving kits, body soap bar, mouth wash).
Service still great and the property still well maintained. Hotel still busy and the lobby is a mad house. But being a penthouse guest gives you priority access to the Cafe Bellagio and to the Buffet + private check in area.

 LarryLasVegas replied on Friday, 22nd July 2016

Thanks, LeoNYC. I am leaning towards the Premier Fountain View Penthouse; however, I am still considering the Cypress Suite since it comes with the same perks as the aforementioned Penthouse, and the price is $100 less per night, with the room only being ~ 9 sq. ft smaller. I am intrigued by the Cypress having the bed in the middle looking out at the fountains. I have plenty of time to ponder since the trip is 9 months away. Hope whatever I end up getting is as great of a room/experience as my stays at Cosmo (love the Wrap-Around Terrace Suites).



 anawas responded on Sunday, 24th July 2016

I'd probably book a Cypress suite, and (pay to) upgrade to something better when you check in, if you feel your room's floor is not high enough.

This plan could be thwarted if you're there on a busy weekend or during a big convention; there could be fewer vacant suites. But if the plan works, you'll have a few hundred bucks for nice(r) meals somewhere.

I have stayed on a Spa Tower floor in the mid-20s with partial lake views. If you go with a Penthouse and end up in the Spa tower, you'll still have great views, but you'll no longer be front-and-center to the fountains, which sounds important to you. (In addition, are there Penthouse suites on the west/back sides of the main tower that you'd have to worry about, or do all Penthouses in both towers face the lake?)

 LarryLasVegas replied on Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

Thanks for your input. I switched over to the Cypress suite for now and requested highest floor possible. Since the next trip is still 8.5 months away, I have plenty of time to choose a different (or better) suite as the prices fluctuate. Saved $300 off the top by switching over to a Cypress, which offers the same perks as the Penthouse.



 CabanaLife responded on Wednesday, 3rd August 2016

All three options are very nice, but the Cypress Suite is most likely going to be your best bet. Having stayed in a Cypress Suite a few years ago, I can personally vouch for the elevation not being an issue (we stayed around the 7th/8th floor). What the room lacks in height it more than compensates for in the unique bed-facing-the-fountain layout. It's really amazing to see the fountains first thing in the morning and just before bed. That being said, keep in mind the Cypress Suite is a very open layout (read: no wall between bedroom and living room). If you're entertaining other people and/or if you and your wife have different sleep schedules, you may want to opt for either the Penthouse or Penthouse Premier Suite, since they are have more traditional suite layouts. Really though, all options are great; you won't be disappointed.