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Last edit: EnglishBill on Monday, 18th July 2016 1:21 am
Last response by Malibugolfer 18th July 9:46am

I have a question, on the last day of my last trip, I asked my host if I had earned any more comp nights. He & his assistant checked & said yes, you have an extra 4 nights. I obviously thanked them & returned home.
I waited a few weeks for a payment to show on my credit card but nothing, I waited an extra month just in case, still no payment.
we had a great time & I've already booked our next trip but it is annoying in the extreme to be promised something & never get it.
If I write to the front desk & complain, do you think this could effect future offers?

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 brewmill responded on Monday, 18th July 2016

Those 4 nights will be used on the next trip. You should have talked to your host (or can still talk to your host), about getting the 4 nights comped on your upcoming trip. I usually get emails offering me x number of free nights and a resort credit on top.

 Malibugolfer responded on Monday, 18th July 2016

Just ask your host. It sounds like your next trip will have 4 comped nights but confirm with your host.
And when you refer to "front desk" if you mean the regular check-in it would be of no help whatsoever.
Vegas resorts are really split between the casino patrons and standard hospitality.
Your questions and comps are the responsibility of the casino side. Hosts, marketing etc.