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Last edit: HedgedBettor on Thursday, 30th June 2016 6:00 pm
Last response by wpsteel66 7th July 3:17pm

Curious how people like to bring money to town. I'd rather not bring the usual wad of bills this trip - has anybody tried wiring money to the casino cage or bringing a cashier's check? Or is there an easier way? I'm not a fan of credit and how you can only use it at your home casino.

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 BillyinLasVegas responded on Thursday, 30th June 2016

You can wire money to the cage of most high end casinos. Just give them a call and they'll give you all the info.

 wpsteel66 responded on Friday, 1st July 2016

I read that you are not a fan of credit, but you can go to the cage and ask for a marker and they will give you cash at that point...once you get the money, use where you want the end of the trip, any deficit, write out a check to the cage.

 HedgedBettor replied on Friday, 1st July 2016

That wasn't my experience. At Aria, they were very clear that I couldn't cash out chips into markers unless I was cashing out winnings. I once tried to cash chips at the cashier but they would only use the chips to repay my marker. And I get the logic - if they're going to lend you money, they don't want you gambling said money with their competitors!!

 wpsteel66 replied on Thursday, 7th July 2016

NY NY must have different rules than Aria.

 cschoony responded on Friday, 1st July 2016

I'm Canadian and I bring travellers cheques and have never had a problem at a casino cage. Just show driver's licence and sign in front of them. So service fees either